World Anaesthesia Day 2015

World Anaesthesia Day 2015 date is October 16.

Anaesthesia is a gift of science. It is needed in every part of world. Earlier when surgery was done to the patient, there was no such drug or medicine being invented which can relieve the patient from pain during surgery. But now Anaesthesia has proved itself safer and newer drugs relieving the patient from pain. And therefore a day is dedicated in the whole world whose aim is to spread the awareness and benefits of anaesthesia. 

What is Anaesthesia?

It is a drug given to patient to make him sleep during surgery. When Anaesthesia is given to person his body reduces the sensation. When this drug is given on whole body then it is called general Anaesthesia. When it is given on an effected part it is called local Anaesthesia. The main goal of giving this Anaesthesia to patient is to avoid pain, stress and complications caused in surgery. In other words it is painless surgery.

There are different fields in which anaesthesia is given to patients:-

Dental Anaesthesia

It is really very painful when dentist pull out the tooth or does any other treatment. But after giving Anaesthesia they don’t feel pain at all and the whole procedure is completed successfully. This drug is injected in the gums of the mouth to make the affected area insensible.

Spinal Anaesthesia

It is given with very fine needle at lower part of body or in spinal cord. Mainly it is given at time of pregnancy labour pain. This lessens the labour pain and surgery is completed smoothly. Through this way patient choose the way of giving birth, pain free.

Eye Anaesthesia

As eye is very sensitive part of body this drug is given to patient on an effected part or any nerves of the eye to numb it. The patient will not able to bear the pain in eye that’s why this is given so that patient should not feel any problem during surgery.

Myths related to Anaesthesia

It is said that Anaesthesia leaves its side effects. Its causes back pain when injected in spinal cord. Patients believed that they got allergy because of Anaesthesia. They feel they have itching sensation on their dental nerves. In some cases patients found complaining that they have got swelling on their eye lid because of this drug.

The people are not at all aware about Anaesthesia therefore on Anaesthesia day many hospitals and medical centres place the polls and canopies to spread the information related to Anaesthesia and its benefits. When people come across this then automatically all the myths vanish out. In this day different management team come together for:-

  • Creating a cordial relationship with doctors, nurses and staff.

  • Providing the guidelines for proper testing.

  • Checking the quality of Anaesthesia and to assure it is safe.

  • Providing a live discussion with patients.

World Anaesthesia Day Quotes

"I wish I had spent more time in the office."
- World Anaesthesia Day Quotes

"Why not? I think it does not make sense to be anything else than optimistic."
- World Anaesthesia Day Quotes

"On their toes ... we in India have had our share of problems."
- World Anaesthesia Day Quotes

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- World Anaesthesia Day Quotes

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- World Anaesthesia Day Quotes

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- World Anaesthesia Day Quotes