Woodland Garden

Woodland gardens have planet of trees. The abundance of trees blending into the surroundings makes it a sight to behold.

History of a Woodland Garden

Ancient Egyptian Art depicted Gardens being designed for many purposes. Besides   providing relaxation for the Gods and royalty, gardens served as a pictorial record. Varieties of Flowers, shrubs and trees were selected and grown as elements in landscaping, in outdoor spaces intended for pharaohs. These gardens include sycamores and figs, exotic flower varieties like daisies, myrtle and jasmine.

Design of a Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden

Select an area of dry shade; uproot all existing weeds and surface root. Five buckets loads of manure or compost should be dug into the ground per square meter. Water plants, apply 50mm deep mulch of well-rotted compost or composted bark. Not only does it conserve moisture, weeds are diminished. Any woodland garden must have a climate suitable to acclimatize woodsy materials and plants. Wooden structures blend well into a wooden setting. Woodland trees nurture in rich acid soil, rain or high water table. The ambience within the garden must create a feeling of shade and moisture. Mosaic walls and stairways can be included using rustic, hewn rock. Stack them without cement. Use tree limbs and trunks to carve out and assemble natural looking benches or fences.

Architecture of a Woodland Garden

An intricate design with low maintenance habitats for local wildlife, it can be a mini zoo. Ferns are common factors in woods. Some essential elements required will be old stone, water and lots of green, once glance and the garden should be a riot of colors. Include plenty of lush green trees and shrubs. Acid soil helps lovely colorful flowers like azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas grow and flourish. Ferns and fir trees grow in abundance. Build walls and stairways with rustic, hewn rock. You can stack it with or without cement or trail it as an edging. Use fallen tree limbs and trunks to create natural looking benches or fences.