Women's Fitness

Fitness for women is generally not considered as important as for men. But, the fact is women perform more tasks in a day when compared to men and if anything needs to be fit to take on the additional responsibilities of a family.  Women’s fitness options are many and one can see what suits them best based on the comfort level and convenience.

Walking is the easiest exercise known to man. All it takes is a pair of healthy legs and a commitment to walk for your health. Invest in a pair of good walking shoes so that they make your walking experience enjoyable.

Aerobic Exercises are another fitness option for women. They include walking, running, jogging and swimming; simple stretching exercises, aerobics, aerobic dances, cardio-boxing, etc. also form a part of this group.  The basic principle of aerobic exercises is to make the muscles and tissues utilize oxygen that breaks down the fat and helps use up the calories in a controlled manner. The routines usually begin with slow warm-up exercises followed by moderate to intense ones that last for 20 minutes or more. Before winding up the routine, another round of slow exercises are done to reduce the heart rate and allow the body to cool down at its own pace.

Pilates is an exercise form that stresses on core body strengthening exercises designed to strengthen the body and the mind. Pilates is based on 6 principles:  Centering, Flow, Breath, Precision, Control and Concentration.  The exercises are done on a mat – Pilates mat work or on a reformer – equipment fitted with pulleys and resistance bands to strengthen your body from the core. Women’s fitness programs often recommend Pilates as it is a slow and holistic form of fitness regime.

Cardio-Boxing is an excellent technique to condition the body. This is because it strengthens muscles, builds endurance and gives increased balance and coordination. It also strengthens the mind because it improves your alertness, confidence and brings discipline in your life. The crux of cardio-boxing is to increase heart rate to a level that is optimum for your age.

Yoga is an ancient exercising technique from India that builds strength, balance and flexibility. Hatha yoga is the most popular form of yoga that is practiced and most preferred among women’s fitness programs. It combines physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation techniques that not only keep the person fit but also calms the mind.