Women Trendy and Fashion Shoes

If you are one among those bitten by the shoe fetish bug, its time you indulge in women trendy and fashion shoes. Many of the footwear outlets stock the latest in women trendy and fashion shoes. You can choose from a wide range of designer shoes to go with your latest attire.

Heels: are the must-haves for any closet. The ideal heels are those between 2 to 4 inches high. Choose thicker heels for the professional look. If you have large feet avoid pointy shoes. Heels with straps are a no-no for shorter women as they seem to cut of the feet from the legs and make them look shorter than usual. So always keep a good pair handy. Heels can be of various types; Ultra high heels (those above 4 inches) and Peep-toe heels are the all time favorites. Classic black heels are evergreen and go with any party dress.

Pumps: are a class of heels which have closed backs and a low-cut front. They are essentials of women trendy and fashion shoes. Classic pumps do not have laces or straps, but today pumps come in a number of variations with straps, buckles and laces. Pumps can also have open toes, round toes, peep toes, or square toes, and their heels can be of any length.
Flats and Sandals: Flats are best when paired with narrow pants and long skirts. Sandals in the flip-flop variety are usually fashion disasters. Sandals with heels are more comfortable.

Boots: Are very useful in making stumpy legs look slim and narrow. Knee boots are the best in the section. The other types of boots are peek-a-boos. They have broad heels with ankle straps; thus baring the back end of the foot.  Women trendy and fashion shoes enthusiasts always stock a pair of nice boots in their closet.

Loafers: are originally low heeled shoes slip-ons that look good on casual wear such as pants and skirts. Loafers are characterized by absence of laces and buckles; however, they may have tassels or straps. 

Oxfords: are basically laced shoes with toe caps. These originated in the UK for formal men’s wear, but later evolved into casual wear for women as well. Oxfords are available as heels, platforms and wedge models.

Platforms and Wedges: Platform shoes are characterized by thick soles under the front half of the foot. They are available in variations such as wedge heels, chunky heels etc. A wedge is different from a platform; in that, wedges have heels that run up to the middle of the foot thus, giving the heel a triangular appearance. A platform wedge is a cross between platform and wedge. Here, both the front and the heel of the shoe are elevated by thick soles.

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