Women's Summer Fashion Trends

Summerfashion trends for women are much more in variety than for men. The collectionsof spring/ summer season include a varied range of sophisticated as well asfunky clothes and accessories which suit the hot bashes of the summer season.Summer fashion trends for women ranges from sober 60’s look to stylish punklook which gives them a seasonal appearance. The lace clothing tops and thebell bottomed flared pants are an interesting part of summer fashion trends forwomen. The colour choice is mostly bright and light pastel colour which suitwell with the sun.

Wideleg pants and Capri pants with striped tops are carried forward every summerseason as an integral part of the summer fashion trends for women. In 2011fashion shows the clothing and accessories shown are of mixed styles, that is,retro as well as modern.

Formal Dressing

Elementsof sophisticated 70’s glamour are seen in today’s formal dressing trends. Maxidresses and tail hems; the dresses longer at the back give a soothing butformal look. Summer fashion trends for women also include formal shirts tomatch with a trouser or a skirt which never goes out of fashion. Among theformal ethnic wear, embroidered lehngas and sarees in summer colours like pink,blue, yellow, green etc. suit the wedding and ethnic theme based partypurposes.

Casual Dressing

Thecasual dressing lines shown in the spring/summer collection in most fashionshows give a wide range of clothes to the women to choose from. Punk fashion isthe trend mostly followed by the teenager girls. The biker clothing includingslim fit rough denim jeans and sporty T- shirts also make a good choice. Topswith tassels at the back to match with a bell bottomed flare pants make aninteresting part of the summer fashion trends for women. Crochets with wide legpants, jumpsuits and playsuits make summer attire very interesting. Most brandnames are bringing clothes based on these guidelines in the market.

Shoes for Women

Shoeswith a trendy look in women include clogs which are glamorous wooden high heelshoes. Kitten heeled sandals also appeal women for party purposes. Beachsandals and simple slip on footwear are more useful for working women andcollege going girls as they are more comfortable. Light weighted tying up shoesmade with jute and thick cloth material are also a part of summer fashiontrends for women.

Accessories for Women

Jewelleryis not a preferred accessory when summers are concerned but trendy woodennecklaces and bracelets give a cool look to the women. Sunglasses and hats areneeded to fight with the hot weather. Cat eyed sunglasses are very common asthey are very trendy. The small belt purses are being liked and along withtrendy watches they make an important part of the summer fashion trends forwomen.

A good combination of clothes, footwear, accessories and hairstyles canchange the whole look of a woman. More and more women today are taking theservices of designers to set perfect attire for themselves. Summer colours andlight fabrics give a soothing seasonal look to suit the weather.

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