Witch Makeup

Witch Makeup

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Why and When Anyone Would Put on a Witch Makeup?

One of the most popular festivals celebrated by one and all with zeal and enthusiasm is definitely Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31st every year. This is the season when most of the horror movies are released specifically themed for Halloween. Trick-or-treat, cutting up jack-o-lantern, touring haunted attractions, sharing scary stories, watching horror / scary movies are some of the activities carried out during Halloween celebrations. By far the most popular activity is attending costume parties, where people from all ages wear variety of make ups and fancy dresses. Amongst all make ups, Witch Makeup is one of the more popular makeups during Halloween Party celebrations.

The sentiment behind celebrating Halloween parties is that, in the olden days people believed that the spirits of the departed come down to possess the living souls.

With the objective of keeping away the spirits, people used to dress up in scary and chilling costumes and put on shivery make ups to resemble witches and ghosts thinking that this would scare away the spirits and save them from being possessed

Above is a brief narration for wearing a witch look and now let us focus onto our main topic, Witch makeup. Once you have decided to wear a witch makeup this Halloween, there are many different choices to choose from, looking unique and special at the Halloween parties. Some common choices of witch make ups that are craved a lot are: scary witches and good witches.

Scary Witches look extremely frightening with green makeup and on the other hand a good witch, is vice versa, looks like a princess (beautiful and lovely) with pink makeup.

Let us Know the Steps to Fashion a Scary Witch Makeup

  • First wash your face with a cleanser
  • Do not use any moisturizer so apply Primer to the clean face. It is recommended to use a silicon based primer as this will smoothen the skin
  • Use a sponge and start applying neon green eye shadow and make sure you cover fully and evenly. Once you are done with your face, using a blush brush, brighten up your cheeks by applying a pale yellow eye shadow to the apples of your cheeks
  • When you get to the eyes, starting from the inner to the outer corners apply red eyeliner to highlight the bottom and top lash line of each eye.
  • Next, create a faint smoky eye using a red or berry color.
  • Once you are done with eyes, working your way up to the crease apply red shadow to the top of the eye lid.
  • Then using an eye shadow brush on your bottom lash line, apply a thin layer of red brick Shadow pigmented Powder right below the eyeliner.
  • Complete the eyes with a couple of mascara coats. You could choose to highlight the green features by using a green mascara
  • For a more striking effect you could choose to apply some grand false eye lashes.
  • Next you need to make some wrinkles on your face by using a black pencil
  • Highlight your lips by applying a red-hot lip color.
  • If you have long hair, leave it simple and if you have short hair you could either use a curly or straight long hair wig.
  • You could either complete the look with the above steps or if you would like to add more chilliness, you can use black nails, a prosthetic nose and moles. Use a black eye liner to make a mole on the chin or on the tip of the nose. As it is said that, the new scary witch look is a little more glamorous, so you could opt out the nose and mole jobs.