Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is the time where we have to spend a lot of time to maintain our home. Therefore it is ideal to prepare ourselves to face winter beforehand and take precautions to safeguard your house from the winter. Your safety measures depend on the intensity of the winter in your area. In some locations the winter is not so intense, where as in some location one cannot come out in the winters for many days. Therefore you should be well prepared for winter seasons. Here are some tips to maintain your house in the winter season.

Tips for the Interior of the House

  • Install storm windows just before the winter season starts. This will protect you from the snow which may enter into your house.
  • Clean your gutters and drainage. If your area has snowfall regularly then there drain should be clean and empty so that there is no blockage of snow.
  • Provide insulate your pipes which are in your attic. So that they do not break with the cold temperature.
  • Store all the firewood. Ideally if they are closer to your house then it is well and good. You shouldn’t have to travel a long distance to bring the firewood.
  • Explain everyone in the family how the gas works and where the gas valve is etc.
  • Clean your clothes dryer exhaust duct and damper of the dryer. Also clean the space which is there under the dryer.
  • Check all the holiday electrical decoration connections. See that there is no loose connection anywhere. This can prove to be dangerous if there is a short circuit.
  • See to it that there is ample ventilation in the attic. With the sun not coming out for long days you need as much ventilation as possible in the attic.
  • Clean the kitchen and the exhaust duct of the kitchen. Also clean the air filters.
  • Remove the air bubbles if any in the water hoses of the washing machine, dish washer and the icemaker. Also repair any cracks if there are any on the water hoses.

Tips for the Exterior of the House

  • Clean your drive way so that if there is any snow fall you can easily remove them.
  • Paint your house and doors so that they do not get corroded with the snow.
  • Provide proper insulation to all the ventilators and windows so that there is no air leak from the outside.
  • Clean the drains and the pipes which will drain out the snow which is accumulated.
  • Check your snow shovel and snow blowers. This will keep you ready for sudden necessities. If you don’t have a shovel or if it needs repair then buy a new one or repair them immediately.
  • Check your heating unit so that you can supply enough heat inside the house. Having a heater in good shape will help you in getting good heat in the house.

By following these tips you may be successful in maintaining your house and also safeguarding your house from the winter.  Hope this article has been helpful for you and has introduced some new tips for helping your home maintenance.

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