Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter weather can be harsh on your hair so you need to plan a good Hair Care routine. If you are inhabitant of such a climate that has a lot of cold weather, a lot of snow, or other winter conditions your hair can get damaged, dull and lifeless during the winter months. Using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can be helpful but moisturized products are not that effective in front of cold breezes, snow and other wintry hazards. Winter hair care needs a little extra care. This winter you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful by applying some of the Winter Hair Care Tips collected from expert hair stylists to combat the damage caused by winter weather.

In order to combat the damage made by cold, snow and freezing air in winter try these Winter Hair Care Tips  for inhibiting your hair in the cold and snowy weather.

Always Wear a Hat

Your mother might have told you not to go outside without donning a hat or cap in the winter season and you have listened to her. Not only it will enable you stay healthy but will also assist in inhibiting your hair. Delicate hair strands can easily get damaged when they are exposed to below zero or near zero winds, winter sunlight, snow and the blast of heat that comes whenever you go inside a building. Wearing a hard cap or hat will protect your hair and keep it from damaging or getting lifeless. Pick up a natural fiber hat and don't don one that is too congested if you want to maintain the great look of your hair.

Deep Condition

Once in a week schedule a deep conditioning therapy at home to enable repair any harm done to your hair. Avoid using hot oil treatments as they can strip your hair and further damage it, instead apply a cream based deep conditioner and allow it to settle in your hair for a nearly twenty minutes prior to rinsing it out at least once a week in the winter. A ‘leave in conditioner’ is also a good option to have on hand so that in case your hair becomes too dry you can use such products besides using your regular conditioner.

Washing the hair in warm water rather than hot water is also beneficial. This goes to say that drying your hair takes much longer time, but the damage done can be reduced.

Skip the Shampoo

Rinsing your hair in a hot shower can damage the hair. Instead of washing your hair by shampooing in the shower every day you shower try using a dry shampoo every alternate day and shampooing in the shower just twice or thrice per week. You can use baby powder to work as dry shampoo as well. Dry shampoos will absorb any oil and make your hair soft and silky without damaging it.

Dry your Hair

Never go outdoors with wet hair in the winter days. The cold can chill the water in your hair, harming your hair beyond repairs. If you have to take extra time in the morning to completely dry your hair, wash your hair the night before you have to go out. Even after you are wearing a hat, ensure the hair underneath is dry or it will risk permanently harming your hair.

Use a Good Conditioner

Perhaps more than at other seasons of the year, in winter conditioning your hair can make a huge difference to its appearance, and professional hair care products are useful when conditioning. Use a high quality, moisturizing conditioner every time you wash. When styling your hair, a silicone-based serum can enable taming the frizz and catapult moisture levels even further.

Overdo it on the Hot Tools

During winter, the hair is prone to be exposed to extreme temperatures, and this is the primary reason behind its suffering. Outdoor weather coupled with central heating enhances static and dryness, as do tools like blow dryers and curling irons. While you cannot skip from the first two troubles, you can restrict the use of your hot items, along with protecting the hair by applying a leave in conditioner before use.


Many people believe the winter months are harsh on their hair, but you don't want to suffer with dull, lifeless, dry, brittle, or damaged locks in the festive season - just think of all those sizzling Christmas parties you need to be a part of! From relying on the best hair care products to owning a hat that fits, follow some simple winter Winter Hair Care Tips  and you'll be stay glossy and glamorous all the way through into spring.