Why Yoga is Better Than Going to the Gym

People nowadays are very concerned about their fitness and health. They do a lot of workouts on various machines but Yoga is something very different; it strengthens both heart and body resulting into the overall development. There are many reasons why Yoga is better than going to Gym which are underlined here:

1.   When one does workouts with the help of machines it majorly focuses on making the muscles strong and cardio related things. Yoga offers various twisting poses that gives perfect blend of exercises for the overall development of the body and heart. It supports the digestive system, blood circulation, lymph system and several other parts of the body.

2.   Yoga focuses on believing in the inner abilities of the person and helps in realizing the real inner strength. Gym focuses more on the physical strength and one has the feeling that it is not possible to exercise on all the machines. Hence Yoga develops step by step real confidence in the practitioner.

3.   Yoga is something that one can practice anywhere and even it is very soothing in the natural environment but for machine workouts one need big space and different equipments. It is easy to go for the Yoga practice anytime and anyplace.

4.   Most of the Yoga classes focuses on the meditation also and make the person cool and calm from the inner soul. Gym goers more focus on sweating and sometimes become very restless.

5.   One of the most important aspects of Yoga is that it improves the concentration level in the person but in the gym there are a lot of distractions like music, machines, Television etc. It prevents the person from focusing his brain on one thing and breaks the concentration.

6.   All the gyms charge are very heavy membership fees and sometimes one cannot afford the money but Yoga saves money as there is no investment in it. One can start from anywhere and take its benefits.

7.   Yoga has been considered as the best tool to reduce weight by simple Asanas whereas Gym focuses more on the physical outfit rather than the weight lose techniques.

8.   Yoga is much safer than the Gym workouts as there is zero use of machines. The practitioner always feels secure and carefree while doing all the Yogasanas. Here one learns how to balance the mind and the body for the effective outcomes.