White Willow Herbal Supplement

White Willow Supplement Info

White willow is a native of Europe and Central Asia. This tree gets its name from the leaves which have white undersides. It is a deciduous tree, varying from medium to large in size. It grows up to 30 meters in height.

The wood and the bark are both used for several purposes. The wood is strong and tough but lightweight. The stems of this tree are used to make baskets. The charcoal from white willow trees was used for manufacturing gunpowder. The bark was used in the leather tanning industry. The bark is used for medicinal purposes which are what will be discussed here.

Benefits of White Willow Supplement

  • White willow bark is generally considered as the original aspirin.
  • It contains salicin of which salicylic acid is formed, which is the basic ingredient of aspirin.
  • White willow bark has been used ever since the times of ancient Egypt who used it for inflammation.
  • It was later used in Greece, in the time of Hippocrates in treatment of aches, pains and fevers.
  • It was used similarly by the Chinese since 500 B.C.
  • Today it is used to reduce fever, inflammation, rheumatism and as a general analgesic.

Who can benefit from taking White Willow

  • As White willow is basically an analgesic, the main groups of people who can benefit from taking white willow are people with aches and pains and headaches.
  • As aspirin is an effective agent for thinning the blood in people with cardiovascular problems, white willow benefits this group of people.
  • White willow bark is a good remedy for backache, arthritis, bursitis (a kind of inflammation of the joints), fever, flu, tendonitis and menstrual cramps.

Side Effects of White Willow Supplement

White willow is a rare example where the FDA has actually studied a natural occurring supplement and issued warnings. The FDA has declared that white willow bark should be accompanied by the same precautions for aspirin.

White willow bark can cause stomach problems, headache, ulcers, dizziness, stroke, visual problems, drowsiness, sweating and vomiting or nausea.

Dosage of White Willow Supplement

For adults, about 225 mg of white willow bark taken four times in the day is considered as an appropriate dose. It is difficult to make an exact judgment as the level of salycin may vary.

Disclaimer: While several benefits are understood to exist from taking white willow, the observations made in this article are not conclusive and could be amended as a result of new data recovered from ongoing studies regarding white willow.