White Gold Engagement Rings

Jewelry designing is a big industry and there are several distinct styles available in the marketplace.  The biggest sellers are engagement rings as this the first major investment any couple will make.  Of late, a big question in customer minds has been a chose of metal.  There are choices like gold, palladium and also platinum.  All the metals have different properties and would a great choice – it is then a question of affordability.

How to choose?

Gold is the best known precious metal and has been used in making jewelry since centuries.  It is available in different colors and people can choose any one to suit their skin tones. Yellow gold is most used around the world and white gold is now gaining popularity.  White gold is 18 carat gold with 75% purity and alloyed with palladium to give it the whitest color possible.  It can be re-polished and plated to keep its color fresh.

Choice of stones

Many jewelry stores now offer a wide range of white gold engagement rings in the following styles.  All the stones are available in different sizes to suit every budget.

Princess cut diamonds – this is a square cut diamond with a prong setting otherwise also called a crown setting.

Fancy cuts – these could include marquis cut or heart shaped diamonds.  Unusual shapes to make an engagement ring special.

Shoulder settings are used to enhance the look of the center stone and white gold engagement rings are really spectacular with a special cut.

All good jewelry stores offer shoppers the opportunity to design their own jewelry.  People are getting more adventurous and trying out different stones besides just diamonds for engagement rings.  Several stones would make fantastic settings in white gold engagement rings

Several other styles in rings are available for people to choose from – 3 stone, multi-stone, half or full eternity rings.  All these settings can be set in white gold to make the kind of ring that would make a unique engagement ring.  Famous designers are also offering their designs at exclusive stores in a line of white gold engagement rings.  For people who are currently in the market for engagement rings have an embarrassment of riches to choose from. Happy Shopping!

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