White Garden

Composed of plants that produce white flowers as well as plants with a white or silvery cast to their foliage is known as a white garden. The white garden is its unity of colour and this is the most essential feature of this garden. It is a variant of the colour of the garden.

Similar in design to the English cottage garden, the white garden is an informal gardening style. Associations with romance, peace, and elegance are created by the open and informal design. Spread throughout the garden's green areas, the white flowers creates a natural look and feel and are not usually placed in clusters. A luminescent sight that is especially powerful in the twilight is created by the mildly dense placement of white flowers. A vast amount of symbolism is carried by the colour white and particularly by white flowers.

History of White Garden

White Garden

Also known as moon gardens, white gardens are believed to have started in mediaeval times in Japan and India. Composed of white and silver plants, the garden creates an amazing visual experience and mesmerizes the visitors.

Design of White Gardens

Following steps help in designing a beautiful and enthralling white garden

  • Look for a perfect site. It can be either in the front or in the backyard of the house.
  • Perfect flowers must be created. Moon flower vine can be selected because of its visual appearance and fragrance. Some more plants should be selected but they should be such that they spread their fragrance at night compared to the day time as they attract night time moths that add a neat visual effect.
  • Give a particular shape to the garden like undulating waves or gentle slopes as this will create a mesmerizing impact.

Architecture of White Garden

While creating a beautiful White garden, certain features of landscapes such as ponds, valleys, rockeries, etc. can be created to give an enthralling view. Flower beds can be designed either in the centre or at the periphery and plants must be planted in such a way that it illuminates in the night giving a mystic feel.