What is Tonsillectomy

What is Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is a surgical way to remove palatine tonsils.

History of Tonsillectomy

According to Hindu script written by Sushruta, it was in practice in India 3000 years ago. He has even described the actual procedure also. According to his description tonsillectomy
dismemberment was conducted using surgeon's finger nails.

Purpose of Tonsillectomy

Tonsils are removed if an individual, most often a child, manifests any of the following conditions:

  • Obstruction

  • Sleep apnea (snoring loudly and stops breathing for a short span at intervals during sleep)

  • Inability to swallow properly due to enlarged tonsils

  • A breathy voice or other speech disorder resultant of enlarged tonsils

  • Recurrent or prolonged abscesses or throat infections

There is no consensus in physicians on the number of sore throats that call for a tonsillectomy. Most would say that four instanced of strep throat in any one year; six or more events of tonsillitis in one year; or five plus occasions of tonsillitis per year for two years singles that the tonsils should be removed.

Types of Tonsillectomy      

There are five types of tonsillectomy performed these days which are mostly prevalent.

Electrocautery Tonsillectomy

Several tonsillectomies are performed facilitating electrocautery. It removes tonsils and adenoids by burning the tissue that connects them to the underlying throat muscles. The process is safe and effective, but the heat can lead to thermal injury to nearby tissues, leading to more uneasiness during the postoperative period.

Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) Tonsillectomy

Bipolar radiofrequency, also termed as coblation, is a “gentle” way to get rid of both tonsils and adenoids. Radiofrequency, or RF, is a type of energy identical to radio waves. Bipolar RF tonsillectomy utilizes this power in a subtle and controlled surgical process that detaches the tissues of the tonsils and adenoids causing very less harm to the nearby healthy tissue.

Cold Knife Tonsillectomy

In the cold knife process, the physician removes the tonsils or adenoids entirely using a scalpel. Cold knife (steel) process is the oldest tonsillectomy process in use today. In this subcapsular process, the tonsils are removed facilitating a scalpel.

Powered Intracapsular Tonsillectomy

The powered intracapsular method dissects 90% of the tonsils, leaving a layer of tonsil tissue over the throat muscles. Powered intracapsular tonsillectomy facilitates a “microdebrider” to dissect the tonsils. The microdebrider is a shaving tool with a tiny rotating tip. This method is facilitated to perform a sub-total tonsillectomy, a method in which a layer of tonsil tissue is left to guard the throat muscles from exposure.

Ultrasonic Dissection Tonsillectomy

Ultrasonic dissection facilitates high-frequency vibrations to run the blade of a specially designed scalpel at high speed. Energy is transferred from the blade of the scalpel to the tonsilar tissue and in turn dissects the tonsils or adenoids.

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