what to do for chemical burns on skin?

What to do for chemical burns on skin?

Skin sensitivity differs from person to person and reactions can vary from mild to severe. Treating chemical burns should be done only after diagnosing the extent of the burn. Some preliminary steps to take in such a situation are to start by brushing off any residue and flushing the skin with cool water. One should also remove clothing and jewelry that may have had contact with the chemicals. The next thing to do is to get medical attention.

How long would I repigment my skin after chemical burn?

Skin repigmentation is possible for most people but it depends on the severity of the burn. Always talk to a dermatologist before doing chemical peels etc. People have to remember not to use exfoliating products before and after the treatment. One has to diligently use sunscreen as well. It usually takes 6 months to get even pigmentation back.

Can colognes cause chemical burn to the skin?

Many people donít realize how many chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis Ė in products like deodorants, perfumes, shampoos and so on. Such sensitivity is also called contact dermatitis and it is quite possible to develop sensitivity to fragrances and other chemicals in products. Colognes donít usually cause burns but one can have other problems like migraines, asthma etc.

How can I remove the chemical burn on my skin due to the use of a hair removing cream?

Quite a few people have excessive hair growth in very obvious places like the face, arms and legs. There are quite a few over the counter depilatory creams which can help in the process of hair removal. Not all depilatory creams are made equal and burns from such creams leave rashes and blisters. First, rinse the area with water immediately Ė there is no need for soap. It is good to check with a dermatologist to find the right product to relieve the pain and also heal.

How to reduce redness on your skin from chemical like burn?

The best treatment is to not put on anything you buy OTC. But a wonderful quick natural soothing healer is to massage with olive oil, the ones you buy at a supermarket - it quickly absorbs into skin and it doesn't leave skin oily. You do not need to wash off but simply apply some water and pat dry with tissues. You can expect results in a day or two. This treatment is also a permanent cure for an array of skin conditions.

Clinique Acne Solution 3 steps gave me a very bad chemical burn and roughed up my skin. How to correct damage?

It is quite easy to get a burn from acne treatment products. These products contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, glycolic or salicylic acid and on already sensitive skin, they can produce tingling and eventually a burn. The best course of action is to seek medical attention after rinsing off the product with cool water. People with this issue are advised not to apply conventional creams as they can irritate the skin further.

Are dry skin and a chemical burn alike?

Not really. The fact is that chemical burns do have the effect of drying out the skin and making it thin and sensitive. People with dry skin should check with a doctor before using any products on their skin to avoid getting burnt.

Can a chemical burn scar become skin cancer?


How to treat chemical burns on skin from Perms?

It is best to get relaxing and perms done at salons so that the process can be monitored. If areas on the scalp get burnt, wash the area with water and mild shampoo to get rid of the chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to prevent infections if the burn is really deep. One thing that a person has to keep in mind is not to pick the scabs Ė this is part of the healing process. Aloevera gel helps with the healing process as well.

What is the best treatment for chemical burn to heal the skin faster?

Just for the healing... one must prefer vitamin C (pills, or oranges/strawberries) - Zinc (pills, or milk {lots of good stuff in milk as we all know}) - Vitamin E (pills, also can be used on skin) - Steaks (protein and Iron) - aloe Vera (apply on skin)

Chemical burn and darkened skin treatment?

Chemical burns are painful and donít have to be very serious. Common household cleaners can easily cause burns. The best way to deal with an issue is to rinse off the skin with cool water and contact a doctor for help. There are a few organic remedies and medications as well. Consult a dermatologist for the best course of action.