What Is Rhytidectomy

People concerned about aging of their facial features opt for this procedure technically known as Rhytidectomy and in lay men’s term it is known as face lift. Sagging cheeks, jowls, eye lids, etc. make them nervous and they lose their self esteem and confidence to face people. The surgeon after thoroughly evaluating the face will decide which features on the face can be reversed and rejuvenated.

What is Rhytidectomy?

It is a surgical procedure that helps to correct sagging in the mid face, deep creases below lower eyelids, deep creases near nose, loss of muscle tone, loose skin and fatty deposits on the face. It helps to give refreshed and youthful appearance to a person making him feel young and full of confidence. Earlier this procedure was only common among people from glamour industry but now as this procedure is becoming more and more popular; all those people who wish to look young are opting for this.  

History of Rhytidectomy

It is believed that Rhytidectomy was first carried out in 1901 by Eugen Hollander in Berlin. Surgeons from Germany and France are credited for doing pioneering work in face lift surgery. To treat wrinkles, Lexer in 1906 performed surgery. After the Great War, the reconstructive surgery gained prominence and new developments started taking place in this field. New methods and new techniques made this surgery simpler and easier. As a result people started opting for this procedure in large numbers.

Purpose of Rhytidectomy

  • Beautification and improvement in facial appearance was the main purpose of this surgery.
  • In reconstructive surgery, Rhytidectomy holds a very special and prominent position as this helps in the removal of wrinkles thereby giving a youthful appearance to the face.
  • Underlying muscles are also tightened up with the help of this surgery making skin taut and rejuvenated.
  • The operations help to solve the problems such as sagging of skin, loosening of muscles and wrinkles on the face.

Types of Rhytidectomy

There are different types of Rhytidectomy surgeries.

  • One of the surgeries is SMAS lift or Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System, wherein the surgeons manipulate the muscles lying underneath the surface of the face. This surgery gives long lasting results to the patient but leaves a longer scar.
  • Deep Pain lift is another type of face lift surgery where the surgeon raises and tighten he skin layer. The skin is repositioned and excess fat is removed from the muscle tissue of the cheek bones.
  • Short scar face lift is another procedure where a short scar is left after surgery as not big incision is used in this surgery. It is mainly used in younger patients who do not require much work on their face.
    • A less expensive facelift procedure known as endoscopic facelift is also used in younger patients and not much facial maneuvering is needed in them. Small incisions are required in this surgery instead of long ones. 

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