What is Meant by Transplantation in Plants? How is It Done?

Plant transplantation is an important procedure in the life of healthy plants, where plants are moved from one (small) container to another (big). As a plant grows, if the container it is placed in is too small for it, its roots can be suffocated and damaged. This can be prevented by transplanting them to bigger containers.

Plant transplantation can be traumatic and even dangerous for the plants. It needs to be done with much caution.

Plant Transplantation Procedure

  • Water the plants using a fertilizer meant for transplanting.
  • Place the potting soil in the destination containers.
  • Now saturate that potting soil with water mixed with the transplanting fertilizer used in the first step.
  • Carefully remove the plants from their original containers.
  • Now place the plants in the destination containers, taking care not to harm their roots.
  • For the next few days, keep the new containers in an area that gets low light.
  • Once the plants are accustomed to their new soil (1-2 days), you can bring them to full-light.