What is Home Maintenance Calendar

What is Home Maintenance Calendar
Home maintenance is a very tiring job. You may have to dedicate more of your free time in maintaining your house. You may often feel lazy or bugged with the whole deal of maintenance and wish not to have a house. This problem may be more in independent house, Obviously ‘the bigger the house’ the more the problems which arise or the more the maintenance to be done. For this very reason you need to maintain a calendar which is known as the home maintenance calendar. This calendar will help you schedule all you home maintenance work in a proper way. 

Home Maintenance Calendar 

You have 12 months which you have to plan for and all the 12 months have to be followed religiously. By doing this you are going to have you free spare time and also you can easily clear all the repair work if you have any. Cleaning comes in as a major part in maintenance. Therefore your first priority should be cleaning all the places in your house. Below is the pattern in which you need to design your home maintenance calendar. 
You need to divide your year into 4 seasons summer, fall, winter and spring.  Depending on the season you need to take necessary measure to protect your house. Therefore it is important for you to be prepared for the season. There are many various hurdles for you to face in the winter Season. In winter there are many problems to face where as in summer comparatively there are less or no problems. 
Another effective way of designing calendar is by monthly basis. If you are preparing to keep you house young and for a long time. 
Here is a list of things which you have to do when you are following the monthly plan for your house. 
January – The starting of the year and the peak of the winter it is a very difficult month to sustain. The house has to be kept warm which means you will need a born fire. For this you need to keep your chimney clean and remove any nest if they have been built of the period. Also as the snow may clog your drainage, you need to clean it first.
February – the heavy snowfall may cause lot of damage to the roof. So therefore you may as well give a look at your roof and see if there are any cracks and weak links in it. There are bound to be some little cracks on the roof. So fixing this up should be your first priority.  Vents should be once again inspected and see if there is any need for repair. 
March – Check if there is any water leak in the water tank. Check if all your toiletries are going to be fine. Clean the underside of the roof and polish it. You may not see it coming but pull up the socks it is going to be very hot. 
April – Batteries of heaters and air conditioners have to be checked and see if replacement is needed. Lubricate hinges properly and check the pant of your furniture. The immediate summer effect on the wood will weaken it.
May – As the summer will slowly hit the peal you need to get ready for the summer. Clean your swimming pool and remove the waste material on the shower heads. There are many such things which you can do to your house. 
June – Spring is a beautiful season where you would love to gaze out of your widow. You need to clean your windows and also put on some sweet curtains and then later add some new paint. Inspect the garden and see if you need any changes to make.
July – check out for cracks on your exterior walls and repair them if you really feel the damage is evident. Also check the turbine vents and then let the drainage be cleared of the clogging. 
August – This is the best season to check your electrical appliances. Check out all your electrical appliances and see if they are in working condition. Clean the condenser of the refrigerator and see how all the other appliances are working.
September – Check out the water heater and other heating appliances. This is the best season to paint the inside of your house. If  needed, you can even change the furniture and some of the other interiors of the house.
October – This is the time where you start getting prepared for winter again. You clean your fire place and keep it open. Charge the batteries of your heaters and smoke detection. Clean your gutters so that you can be ready for the clogging of the snow in winter.
November – Replace all the water hoses and cut off the water supply to all the machines. Dish washer and washing machine should be removed of the water supply. 
December – Lubricate the hardware in the garage and keep them ready for the winter. Paint the garage door so that it helps the door to withstand the cold. Clear your drive way so that you keep your drive ways clear for the winter in the initial stages. 

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