What is Hair Transplantation and Its Cost in India

Hair transplantation involves surgical relocation (transplantation) of healthy hair follicles (bald resistant follicles) from the donor site (a section of the body with hair) to the recipient site (balding or bald parts). Its results are permanent, as the recipient section gets genetically bald resistant hair follicles.

Hair transplantation is an outpatient surgery, done with local anesthesia, and has only a little discomfort and immediate recovery time. The primary use of hair transplantation is to treat a condition called male pattern baldness. It is also employed in restoring eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair in the chest, beard and pubic area.

The cost of hair transplantation procedures in India differ with the type of treatment plan chosen, the facilities in the hospital, and the reputation of the doctor/institution. The surgery rates are generally fixed per graft. The cost can vary from $1-$8 per graft. The average is $5-$6. For longer surgical sessions, the prices are lowered a bit. Some charge for consultation, lab tests and after care kit separately.