what does hair toner do?

What is a Hair toner?

Toners are products used in the hair coloring process. They are available in 3 varieties –semi, demi and permanent. Permanent toners are used the most to get ultra light shades of blonde hair. The process has to be repeated a few times to prevent the hair from getting damaged.

What does hair toner do?

The main job of hair toner is to remove pigments in the hair. Hair has to be first lightened or bleached and then the toner is used to get the exact color that is desired. The technology is quite sophisticated – color wheels and instructions are included with the products so that hairdressers can get the right effect, safely and effectively without damaging hair.

What color hair toner should I use to brighten my hair if it’s medium brown?

Every toner product has a product wheel which helps people choose the color they want, based on their original hair color and desired end result. For those who have medium brown hair, the first step is to use peroxide to remove or lift the color before it can be dyed or lightened to blonde. A toner with a blue base has to be used to neutralize the effect and keep the hair from becoming orange/yellow.

What are the steps for using a hair toner?

1) Dye hair normally 2) After hair dye is washed out spread toner on your hair 3) Leave on for 15 minutes and 4) Rinse.

When should you use a hair toner after bleaching?

If you're going to dye your hair right afterwards it won't make a difference. Just make sure you give your hair enough time to get all the bleach out before you die. Otherwise it will react with the hair dye and the color you will come out with won't be the color you expected.

What is the best hair toner for platinum blonde hair?

One has to get all of the color out of your hair that isn't a pale yellow. This includes the brassy tones, harsh yellow tones, orange tones and red tones. Unless you have all of these colors out of your hair it will not tone to platinum.

Do you simply rinse hair toner out with water, or do you shampoo it out of your hair?

Shampoo it to stop the chemical process. Condition well, too. Check your progress every 5 minutes (bleached hair soaks up pigment fast) by spraying a small section with water and towel drying. If it's not there yet, put the toner back on. You may need to rinse the toner out when your roots pull the correct color and then reapply more toner to the ends. This is only if you had color on your hair before you bleached it.