What Is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has recently been getting a lot of recognition in the healing of general ailments. It is considered to be an ancient practice which was started by the Chinese culture. In Aromatherapy, they use essential oils or specific plant oils which release a kind of scent which will enter the body through breath. Later in the course of time Egyptians have perfected the art of aromatherapy, although the term aromatherapy was not used until the 20th century. There are different ways of getting aromatherapy done. The word aroma will give an image of inhaling something. But it also deals with application of oil on the skin. To understand the therapy one should understand what exactly the essential oils are. 

What are essential oils 

Essential oils are extracts from various herbal plants and flowers. These oils are highly concentrated oils which are distilled from roots and plants. Every oil has its own mixture with various ingredients. The mixtures determine which purpose the oil is used for. Various oils used for various purposes in aromatherapy. Essential oils carry out a particular function along with them. Most of the oils are used for healing physical ailments. For instance, you can heal swellings, burns or fungal infections on skin with these oils. Another use of these essential oils is to make your room smell sweet and pleasantly. 

How does aromatherapy works

Lot of research is being done as to understand how aromatherapy can cure ailments. There have been few theories that out smell senses have an active role in healing of human ailments. The theory also states that when the smell receptors smell these essential oils they tend to stimulate our brain cells which will in turn cause a reaction which will enhance our emotions and memories. When lavender is smelt, it stimulates amygdala similar to the way sedatives work on the brain. 
Another theory states that the molecules which form the essential oils mix with the blood and hormones of the body and amplify their functionality. This also is responsible for the faster healing of the ailments which we suffer. 
Aromatherapy massage is the most common procedure which is used in the present day. Essential oils are used to massage the human body. The oils are absorbed by the skin and are directly sent in to the body in the purest form. This also works in two ways. The smell of the oil is inhaled and at the same time the body also absorbs the oils. Therefore it acts as a double booster by working on the body internally and externally. 

Benefits of Aromatherapy

It has been testified by many clients of aromatherapy, that it is very efficient in curing your ailment. There are many benefits which one should be aware of. The following points are the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • One of the major benefits of aromatherapy is stress relief. It has a very relaxing effect on the person who is undergoing the therapy.
  • The oils bring out positive emotions in you. They bring a balanced mental state and enhances positive mood in you. 
  • Minor physical discomforts are eliminated from the body with this therapy. 
  • It also amplifies your immune system and improves your circulatory and respiratory system.