What Are The Methods Of Transplantation?

What are the methods of transplantation?

Transplantation is the surgical procedure that replaces a failing or diseased organ or tissue with a healthy one from a donor. Even though it has been several years since the organ transplantation began, researchers are finding new methods and possibilities to overcome the rejections and improve the efficiency. There are many methods adapted in organs or tissue transplantation and some of the basic procedures are

  • Autograft or Autotransplant: Organ or tissue transplantation performed from one part of the body to the other within the same person.
  • Allograft or homograft: An allograft is a transplant between two genetically different subjects of the same species.
  • Xenotransplant: A surgical procedure in which transplantation of organs/tissues occurs between two different species.
  • Isograft: When transplantation is performed between two genetically identical individuals (monozygotic twins) then it is called Isograft.