What are Some Alternatives to Organ Transplantation

When we consider organ transplantation, the image that comes to mind is the transfer of complete organs from one body to another. However, there are some alternatives that can be considered as alternatives to complete organ transplantation. By way of example we can consider pancreatic cells of other animals which can be made to produce insulin instead of transplanting the entire pancreas.

Another case is bone marrow transplantation which does not involve the transplantation of entire organs but only the cells are transplanted. Traditionally bone marrow was transplanted by transferring the bone marrow from the bones of one individual to another. This process has been further refined to being able to refine the bone marrow components from the bloodstream so it could be done through a simple blood transfusion. Nowadays it is also possible to isolate bone marrow cells from the umbilical cord. These are a few viable alternatives to organ transplantation.