What Are The Advantages of Transplantation

Human body is susceptible to a number of diseases and in extreme situations; they cause irreversible damage to the concerned organs. Today medical science has come up with a novel concept of treating such conditions by replacing the damaged organ with a healthy one from another individual. Here are the advantages of transplantation:

1. Increased life expectancy of the patient and better quality of life.

2. Reduce recurrent medical expenses of chronically ill patients by providing a permanent cure.

3. Medicinal treatments are subject to side-effects both short term and long term; some of them begin detrimental to the patient. Transplants do not have such side effects.

4. Some alternative treatments like dialysis are very risky due to infections and hence cannot be continued on a long term basis. Transplantation may have rejection rates, but once that window period is crossed, the patient is safe.