Well Being in Workplace

Why Workplace Well Being is so important for all of us? Because we spend quality time in the workplace even if your work place is home, it must be equipped with all the well being and ensure that your work life balance is according to your needs. Many professionals who visit office or go out to work may not have the comforts near them. If you are outsourced, open planned, or shifting from office to office, you must be aware that it is not easy to get your comfort zone and familiar things around you always. However, there are methods that you can obtain a holistic well being in the workplace irrespective of the outlook of your work place.

Stress Ruining Your Life

One of the matters which you might consider if stress is destroying your life is how to erect a structure around you which you can carry any where you work.

From gas installer to social workers, you will witness stress as unique to you. As a worker you will hence require to know what affect stress is putting on your perception of truth, your tough process and on your demeanor.

It is not actually a new perception; its meaning is pertaining to zest in the workplace, and is assessed by individual’s own potential to finish work as they have physical, emotional or inherent strength to cater to the needs or demands of the job.

What Employer’s Expectations Are

Why should you do this? Well most organizations are expecting what they now term as “Emotional Resilience" in their employees. What this new concept is all about? The organizations are stating that their employees should take accountability for their resilience to the emotional trauma of their job.

How can it affect some workers? Well generally if you do not know what the examination for emotional resilience is you will not be able to realize how to prove it.

Nonetheless, there are considered to be 3 basic ways of ensuring a well balanced life, which equate to well being in the work place i.e. physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. You are required to delineate patterns to maintain you on track to ensure that you are striking a balance in your life.

Key Areas(Strategies) to Consider to Strike Balance in Life

There are 5 key areas which workers would like to acknowledge in getting them to this balance:

  1. Cognizance of your Needs

  2. An understanding or awareness of what you require are, what the job demands from you as well as what are the expectations of your employer from you.

  3. Self Care

  4. How you attempt to take care of yourself while you do your professional job and all available resources which are provided by your organization as well as external resources to your organization require to be exploited in order to care for you.

  5. Career Development or Goals

  6. Basically whatever you select to take on to retain your motivation level high and to obtain your virtues and potential both in work and in your own personal life.

  7. An Effective Appraisal System 

  8. How you are going to maintain your professional career track in order to achieve the things which you think are necessary and to ensure you get the right life work equilibrium which makes a difference to you.

  9. Positive Mind Frame

  10. And eventually being positive about yourself and what you are attempting to achieve or have achieved is the final step that needs to keep stimulating you. This is specifically important as the shifting of your emotional placement at your will is necessary to get the desired results for you, improving your thinking, and catapulting the facilitation of positive demeanors will have major factors for you.


You must not be dependent alone on what your company has to provide you instead you can take some control and get emotional resilience and potential at work whilst ensuring a right balance in your life. Your creature comforts has now become mobile assets which enable to boost your emotional resilience and are also portable so you can take them with you irrespective of what environment you work in.