Best Mass Gainer Protein Supplements and Effects

A sense of health consciousness is seen all around in today’s world amongst people of all ages. This has taken shape in many forms. While many try to reduce weight, still at the same time many would like to build up their body. Such has made available a host of products in the market that promise to give magical results within a couple of days. Well thanks to the supply and the demand that has in the process created a gem in this industry- Weight Gainers.

Best Mass Gainer Protein Supplements

Weight gainers represent the most trusted range of body- building supplements that are used as dietary supplements by training athletes, people into serious body building, dieters, pregnant women, underweight individuals and people with special medical needs. Weight gainers may be used to replace meals. Not only this but it can be used to promote weight loss, enhance weight gain, or improve athletic performances. The majorly used weight-gain supplements are high-vitamin supplements, high-protein supplements, Glutamine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), Essential fatty acids and Creatine. These are available in various flavors in the market.

Benefits of Weight Gainers Supplement

Like most of the products, the weight gainers are beneficial in a number of ways.

  • They promote skeletal muscle growth by creation of essential amino acids that leads to protein synthesis.

  • They are anti-catabolic, thus they also check the breakdown of complex protein into simpler forms enhancing repair of old damaged tissues.

  • Weight gainers help to generate more energy and strength during workouts, thus keeping fatigue, after exercise, at bay. They are the easiest way of gaining weight for sportsmen and body builders within less than a month’s time.

Side Effects of Weight Gainers Supplement

Nothing comes home free. Similarly excessive intake of weight gaining supplements may lead to harmful health hazards like obesity, muscle cramps, muscle strains and pulls, stomach upset and dizziness if it is taken without recommendations. This would in turn hamper work. Even though one gets adequate sleep, he would feel sleepy all day. Some studies have revealed high blood pressure, acute liver dysfunction, and kidney damage as possible side effects of weight gainers. So people with such tendencies must not take it.

Dosage of Weight Gainers Supplement

Recommended dosage of body building proteins varies from one protein to another.

BCAA and Glutamine are normally taken as 3 gm a day by women and 9 gm per 100 pounds lean body weight by training athletics. Body builders can take maximum of 44 gm weight gainers per 100 lean pound body weights teamed with serious regular exercise. Creatine should be taken 2 gm a day by women and 25 gm per 100 pounds lean body weight by sports athletics and body builders.

Any such drink can never be a supplement to your basic meals. They are actually a moderate choice so long as you don’t over eat them. Some do contain a good amount of vitamins and proteins and is good for instant energy provider but they should never become a lifetime partner.