10 Best Workouts To Perform During Weekends

People are becoming health conscious nowadays but life has become very busy and time has become a limiting constraint. Everyone wish to have slim and trimmed body but it needs a lot of determination and focus to continue with the everyday workouts. Here is a list of some useful workout for weekends that one can do to be healthy and fit.

1. Sit in the relaxed position and straighten your hands parallel to the base. Touch your shoulder by taking a curve and join the elbows. Now rotate both the hands first clockwise and then anti clockwise. Repeat three sets of five rotations every time. Follow it for 2-5 minutes.

10 Best Workouts To Perform During Weekends

2. Sit in the relaxed pose and stretch both the legs with the base. First lift the right leg; hold the right leg with the left hand by making a curve. After that twist your neck and try to see just behind you. Repeat it for the left leg also. Follow 2 sets for both the leg.

3. Lie down and relax your whole body followed by repeated inhalations and exhalations. Now put your palms under your back. Try to lift both the legs at 30, 60, and 90 degrees respectively. Hold for some seconds at each step and remember to breath. Repeat it 3-5 times. It lowers the extra fats over lower abdomen and thighs.

4. Lie down on the carpet and leave the body in the relaxed position. Lift your right leg and try to make circle clockwise and anticlockwise. At the next step lift the left leg and repeat the same. At the last step lift both legs and try rotating them in circle. One should try to make bigger circle. It improves the elasticity of the lower part of the body.

5. Stand straight and do some relaxed breathing for 5-10 seconds. Then lift your one hand making 90 degrees angle with the shoulder; lift it and touch with the head. Bend it as much as one can. Repeat it for the other hand also. Do 2 sets of it every time.

6. Stand in a relaxed straight pose and do some inhalations and exhalations to sooth the body. Now lift your both the hands in facing direction; take it to the top and then lower it to touch the feet. Remember to bow your upper body first and then head.

7.Walk out can be one of the best ways to keep the body fit and agile. 10 to 20 minute walk can make the blood circulation fit and fine.

8. One can do some pushups and pull ups also to give the body a robust posture. 10 to 20 pushups can be suffice for the beginners.

9. Dumbbells can also be used for some hard workouts to get the right biceps and shape to the hands.

10. Tread Mill can be the destination of one’s weekend if he does not want to stretch much. 45 to 60 minute running on it can make the difference and can keep fit and fine.