Vertigo Home Remedies

Vertigo is not a disease but it is a symptom of some other underlying condition. The patient feels the problem in posterior semicircular canals in the internal portion of the ear. Medical professionals call the area as vestibular labyrinth area. An individual suffering from vertigo feels that everything around him or her is spinning. Vertigo patients are afraid of heights. They feel like loosing the balance and their sense of nausea may grow to an acute level.

Following are the Common Causes of Vertigo

  • Problems in vision
  • Serious head injury
  • Cardiac problem
  • Tumor in brain
  • Thyroid related diseases
  • Anemic condition
  • Disorder in calcium level
  • Sickness due to motion
  • Inadequate supply of blood to the brain
  • High blood pressure
  • High level of cholesterol
  • Diabetes

If left untreated the symptoms of vertigo could lead to a serious disease. Hence it is advisable not to overlook these indications. Instead of going to a doctor for simple reasons, it is better to solve the problems on your own, when the reason is obvious.

Following are some of the Vertigo Home Remedies

  • Take two table-spoons of wheat grain, one table-spoon of poppy seeds, eight almonds, and eight water melon seeds. Soak them and prepare a paste. Place the pan on flame to heat one table-spoon of ghee. Fry two cloves in oil in the ghee and add those to the paste. Mix with milk and take it continuously for a week.
  • Put one table-spoon of gooseberry powder and one table-spoon of coriander seeds in water. Leave them for around 12 hours. Mix them well and add 1/2 table-spoon of sugar and drink.
  • Do not take coffee. Avoid alcohol and have low sodium diet. Increase the intake of protein in foods
  • Take more and more strawberries. They are rich with vitamin c. it is better to have strawberries by adding them to a cup of yogurt, little amount of milk and some almond too. This tasty mix will reduce the effects of vertigo.
  • Consume a mix of black pepper, salt and lemon juice. It helps in reducing the dizziness.
  • Add lemon peels to the salad.
  • Do not take foods such as fried foods, alcohol, caffeine, chocolates

To prevent the symptoms of Vertigo, do some kind of breathing exercises and massage regularly. Take meals that are rich in protein and vitamins. Avoid intake of more salt in food. Do not go for rides in amusement parks. Stay away from virtual reality games. Whenever you face an attack try to focus on a stationary object like a hoarding or building. This activity sends visual signals to the brain, allows it to balance properly and stops light-headedness. Avoid uncomfortable head movements especially bending the neck back while looking up. Try to follow Therapeutic discipline. Chiropractic treatment helps correct the vertebrae in the neck and in turn minimizes vertigo. Meditating regularly will also help you in reducing the effects of vertigo.  

Vertigo home remedies will help you in getting control over yourself. You can get relief within few minutes and continue to do your routine works, only when you know some of proper home remedies for Vertigo.