Vasectomy Procedure

Vasectomy Process

  • Vasectomy is the single most popular and convenient form of permanent contraception.

  • It is a minor surgery performed under local anesthesia, and it is an outpatient procedure.

  • The patient can go home within an hour after the operation.

  • A small incision is made in the scrotal area and the vas deferens gets isolated and litigated.

  • The result is that the sperms get prevented from entering the seminal fluid during sexual intercourse, rendering the man effectively sterile, but still sexually active.

  • The advantage of vasectomy over other contraceptive techniques is that it does not require any accessories or maintenance after the surgery is completed.

  • The recovery from a vasectomy is very rapid and total recovery usually takes place within a month.

  • There is no compromise on sexual performance of a man as a result of this operation.

  • The semen which is produced after a vasectomy is the same in appearance as that of a man who did not get it done, the only difference being that the semen does not contain sperm cells.

Vasectomy Preparation

When a vasectomy is going to be performed, there are certain steps which can be taken to make the entire experience more comfortable.

  • Stop taking aspirin and any other analgesics for about two weeks before the surgery is scheduled.
  • Keep the scrotum clean and sterile by washing with an anti-bacterial wash for three days before the operation.

  • Wear a jockstrap for a few days before the surgery.

  • Wear sensible clothes while going for the operation, they should be comfortable as well as expendable in case they get stained with blood or medication.

  • Eat well before the procedure.

  • Shave the pubic area before the procedure. Alternatively, it can be done at the clinic.

Vasectomy Requirements

Having a vasectomy performed on oneself is a very serious decision. Despite all the advantages of having a vasectomy done, there are several preconditions that should be met before taking this decision. Given below are a few basic considerations for having a vasectomy done:

  • Men who would like to continue to enjoy sex without the possibility of a pregnancy.

  • A male partner who has already had a child or two and is advanced enough in years to be very sure that further children are absolutely out of the question.

  • Sometimes a vasectomy is recommended from a medical point of view as there is a possibility of passing on some genetic or heredity disease or disability.