Different Variants in Wall Home Decor

Walls are the most important part of any structure, whether it is a home or an office.  A lot of things determine the feel of a room – color, drapes or even the kind of art that one can afford.

Let’s start with paint as the one of the different variants in Wall Home Décor.  This is the first step in the process of decorating.  One can find a lot of choices like a plain coat of paint in any color that pleases you. There are several techniques to doll up the walls with paint like texturing, using two colors to make stripes, painting one wall or a niche to highlight particular piece of art etc.

Another different variant in Wall Home Décor to dress up walls is to use wallpaper.  There are several beautiful lines of wallpaper that can again be used to dress up walls in the entry way of a house, the kitchen or a bedroom. Wallpaper is available in various motifs to suit your budget, tastes and themes.

Once the choice has been made with color or wallpaper, there are several choices for wall art.  One can use paintings, posters, photographs, tapestries, framed needlework, murals, or even bring the outdoors in by using metal pieces to put plants in.

Let’s explore the theme of different variants in Wall Home Décor further.  Framed art is a great way to show off your decorating talent.  Instead of using one large piece, you can use small pieces to make an interesting collage of photos or posters to draw attention to the room.  There are several cheap or expensive options to choose from and if the pieces are chosen well, you can reuse them later in a different room to change the look.

With real art, you have the choice of buying a painting that appeals you. People interested in collecting art include lighting to showcase paintings.  If you have an artist in the house, what better way is there to promote talent? In fact, instead of putting paintings on the wall, people also paint murals on the wall – jungle themes, an Italian garden or any other theme that catches your fancy and decorate the room around with it.

In keeping with the theme of different variants of Wall Home Décor, textiles and carpets also make a wonderful centerpiece to a room.  Instead of putting a carpet on the floor and having furniture on it, there are new and wonderful ways of hanging them up show off their beauty and safe from wear and tear.  Beautiful Quilts and tapestries are also available where sky is the limit for decorating ideas.  Needlework like cross stitch or Hard-anger designs can be framed beautifully and put up by theme to dress up walls.

Several other elements in metal wall décor include clocks, wall sconces like lighting fixtures, mirrors are but a few ideas to consider.  Finding good wall décor may sound like a daunting task, but your imagination is the only limiting factor.

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