Vanadyl Sulfate Dietary Health Supplement

Vanadyl Sulfate or otherwise known as VOSO4, is an inorganic compound formed by “Vanadium”. The Vanadyl Sulfate is a blue solid matter and is commonly used in laboratories as a source of Vanadium. Certain elements in Vanadium are similar to the ones found in different food items such as eggs, vegetables, oats, oils and even pepper. The ways as to how Vanadyl works in a human body isn't certain, but the common perception is that the matter tends to concentrate on the enzymes that are a major part of the distribution and breakdown of substances like glucose molecules and amino acids. It effectively helps in the distribution of those important elements in to the cells in the body.

Vanadyl Sulfate has been marketed as a body building supplement and is easily available on the Internet. Claims are also made that it reduces the cholesterol levels and even reduces the spread of prostate cancer. Companies that produce the supplements claim that it helps increase the size and hardness of the muscles, which compliments the hard work put in different workouts and exercises done by people.

Benefits of Vanadyl Sulfate Supplement

The benefits are built on claims that Vanadyl apart from helping an individual building his/her body also reduces the cholesterol rate in a person. Many companies claim that the body doesn't have enough substance in it to help build a great body for which Vanadyl is a good replacement and can help form a great toned body. Vanadyl sulfate is seen to be helpful in circulation of blood sugar levels as well. Vanadyl also does the job of an insulin where in it stimulates the cells to take in glucose faster than usual.

Side effects of Vanadyl Sulfate Supplement

The longer one uses the supplement, the more harmful it tends to get. Many trials that were conducted on Vanadate and Vanadyl have resulted in causing diabetes of either type 1 or type 2. Decrease in Hemoglobin and Plasma Glucose were also recorded. A study group at Ohio state university claimed that the usage of Vanadyl for a long period damages the DNA, makes the person more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease and even kills beta cells. In few cases excessive amount of the substance resulted in stomach upset and even the tongue turning green in color.

Dosages of Vanadyl Sulfate Supplement

The general dosages that are recommended for adults are around 10 mcg to 30 mcg per day whereas the dosages recommended with a healthy diet by the University of Maryland Medical Center is around 6 mcg to 18 mcg per day.