Vampire Makeup and Vampire Look Makeup Tips

Vampire Makeup and Vampire Look Makeup Tips
If you have a weak heart or you get scared easily, then this is not the right choice for you. But if you are really bold and won’t get frightened easily as well as love to scare others and have fun, then this is for you. Vampires are the most popular monsters, which are usually chosen in theme parties by kids and adults. There are different types of vampires. So obviously there are different types of makeup. Choose the one you like the most, and start doing the makeup. The time consumption of the makeup completely depends on the selection anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes.
In the United States, around Halloween time you can get the necessary stuff like costumes, makeup products and fangs very easily and very cheap. The basic essential things required for the Vampire makeup are
White grease paint/white foundation 
  • Black eye liner
  • Black lip stick
  • Fangs
  • Vampire costume
  • Blush
  • Eye shadow
  • Black nail polish

Always before starting makeup wrap a cloth around the neck just to make sure you won’t mess your dress. Since vampires don’t go out in sun they are pale in color, so you have to go for a paler look. Apply the foundation or white grease on the face evenly and highlight the eyes with black eye liner pencil. Then cover the lips with black lip color. Don’t forget to lighten the ears and neck. Generally vampires look very pale, sick and spooky. So to get the sick look apply a little darker foundation in the laugh lines and fine lines on the forehead.  Then apply some hair gel into your hair and spike them to get a perfect look. You can even add some dark red lip color around your mouth and chin which should seem like as though blood is dripping down. If you really want to look exactly like one of the vampire, go for artificial scary teeth. But it’s better if you have a little practice with putting them on and talk, since it’s hard to talk while they are in mouth. Now you can put on your vampire dress and have a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, but don’t be afraid it’s you in the mirror as a scary vampire. 

Tips for the Vampire Look 

  • Use a black eye liner to give eyebrows a broad and scary look. 
  • Highlight your cheekbones with blush. 
  • To get a better look add some fangs which are made custom-fit than the regular plastic ones. 
  • Remember to do your ears and neck pale as you do your face.
  • You can even use ketchup instead of red lipstick to get a realistic look. 
  • Use a grey color eye shadow to get a better look.
This kind of dress up and makeup goes very well during Halloween time. This is the best day to scare the ones whom you don’t like, and it is ok even if you frighten your near and dear ones. You can even go and have a portrait of you which lasts for lifetime.