Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Pose

Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Pose

 Buddha konasana is one of the most popular pose for yoga trainer as it can be done comfortable at any time. This is also well known as sitting triangular pose. This is the pose which provides energy in the body and removes fatigue. Its gives new directions for life by exhaling out bad woes in life. Every pose in yoga has its own advantages the only thing is time; as much time we will give to it that much benefits it will gives to us.

How Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Pose Done

This is the easy pose. The person should sit down on the ground keeping both of his knees bended towards each other, keeping both arms on the ground, stretch your legs and spine keeping it straight and then look forward. Then take a long breathe and hen bring your legs as close as you can. It should be so close that both the sole should touch each other. Then keep your hand on the legs. Now lock the finger and keeping your spine straight put the pressure on the knees so that your knee touches the ground. Try to hold the breathe for 30 seconds for best results.do this pose for 3-4 times. For coming back to the original form inhale then move your legs away from ground.

When Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Pose Done

This pose is comfortable for all the people. Those patients who has problem in their knees can use blanket under their knees to make it comfortable posture.it puts lots of strain on the lower back so patients who are victim of this pain should avoid it. The new yoga trainer can take the help of the pillow in order to support their head and back.

Benefits Of Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Pose

This pose has several advantages, its helps in improving the circulation of the blood. Open the heart chambers  and helps in passing the blood through it.it stretches the knee muscles and improves the circulation in that portion. The patient suffering from arthritis can easily cure by this yoga posture. It helps in fighting with stomach infection like ulcer, constipation, digestion etc. Kidney problems also get improve through this pose. Gallbladder stones can easily be cured trough this pose. Its tone the thighs muscles and helps in looking better. Depression is the main disease of all the diseases; these postures help in fighting depression and anxiety and give peaceful and satisfy life. The women who are suffering from problem of menstrual discomfort can easily get rid of it. It fights with asthma, high blood pressure. This pose also helps in for curing impotency because this asana is the main asana which stimulate the gland around the thighs and groin. The pregnant ladies who are doing this pose frequently can find that they are having very less labor pain while delivering the child.