Uterus Removal Advantages

Women suffering from problems such as fibroids, endometrioses, and heavy periods, cancer of ovary or cervix undergo operation to remove uterus. Performed under general anesthesia, this operation is quite a common feature. 600,000 women undergo this operation every year and after caesarean section, this is the most common surgical procedure. 

Advantages of Uterus Removal

In case of cancer, uterus removal can be a life saving procedure.

Extreme pain and bleeding accompanies with menstrual cycle can be relieved by undergoing this procedure.

Uterus removal is necessary to cure conditions such as pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, fibroids, cancer and endometriosis.

Women are sometimes hesitant to undergo this operation as they are unable to bear children after this surgery but in cases such as cancer, it is very important to immediately undergo this operation to save one’s life.

Disadvantages of Uterus Removal

Since this surgery has become very common, it is surrounded by lot of controversies and the question whether this operation is absolute necessary has become important.

Sometimes problems such as pain, clotting, cramping and excessive bleeding can be cured by medications but women still prefer this operation as they think that they will get rid of many other problems related to periods.

Women actually suffering from serious problems are left with very little room.

Side effects of Uterus Removal

  • Premature menopause is the most important side effect of uterus removal. The level of estrogen hormone in the body suddenly drops leading to conditions like menopause.
  • Women undergoing this surgery are also susceptible to heart related risks as estrogen has a protective effect on the heart which is not possible after surgery.
  • After getting their uterus removed, women also suffer from osteoporosis.
  • As far as sexual health of a woman is concerned, it varies from individual to individual. Some women suffer from reduced sex drive after undergoing this operation.
  • Some women are unable to feel strong orgasm as orgasm occurs with contraction in uterus. Therefore, women are unable to experience total orgasm in the absence of uterus.
  • Some women feel dryness as the hormones making vaginal area moist are no longer there due to uterus removal.
  • Vaginal dryness, in turn, results in pain during intercourse.
  • Some women also experience the problem of urine incontinence after undergoing this operation.
  • Vagina slightly prolapses after removal of uterus.
  • Women develop psychological problems after this operation as they do not feel “womanly” enough after this procedure.
  • The operation also has all the risks that are there in any other surgery as well.