Ustrasana Camel Pose

Ustrasana Camel Pose

Camel pose or ustrasana is a yoga pose that has its own benefits like other yoga pose. It is said that all yoga poses has its own benefits; it is the person with different diseases and problems with whom yoga posture suits. Yoga is made in order to provide calmness and satisfaction to the person from his hectic life. Yoga connects the person with his own spiritual and therefore the person starts recognizing himself in much better way. Camel pose is a pose which stretches the body, tone up all the muscles and makes the body flexible so that body should be prepared for extra work and load.

How Ustrasana Camel Pose is Done

The person doing this pose should first kneel down on his knees keeping this hip inside and thigh parallel to the body. Then try to move your thighs little inward by putting pressure on hips and try to avoid for severe step. Move it slowly and gently. Press the top of your feet on to the ground. Now move your arms back pressing by keeping fingers outside on the feet by supporting your back bone move it back in such a way that your back pelvis lengthen down. Take a long breath and lift your head by supporting your shoulder muscles against your back bone. Keep your head up, chin up and hands at the back. Though it is an easy pose but for new learners,  they will feel difficulty in reaching their arms back to touch the feet. For coming back easy up with your neck and throat. Release your front rib and then lower rib bringing your arms front. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds for better benefits.

When Ustrasana Camel Pose Done

Though this asana is very beneficial for heart but the person who has stiff neck or having problem in shoulder or back should avoid doing this pose. Some people find that they have to hold their neck up and they become conscious while doing it therefore they cannot achieve the full benefit of this pose. The heart patients should avoid doing this pose as well as high blood pressure patients. That patient who has gone through abdomen surgery should avoid camel pose because it can put pressure on the abdomen and patient can feel pain all the time.

Benefits Ustrasana Camel Pose

This pose has lots of benefits because it stretches the front muscles, chest muscles by providing flexibility to the spinal cord. It helps in toning the lower portion mainly the it stretches the stomach so digestive system gets improves. Those person who suffer from acidity can easily recover by adopting this pose. It improves the constipation of the person and it raises up the shoulder position and increases the confidence of the person to face the outside world.