Laser Treatment for Upper Lip Hair Removal

Laser Treatment for Upper Lip Hair Removal

Choosing the appropriate upper lip hair removal tool/method and carrying it out with utmost care are very important. This is owing to the fact that the facial hair and skin are very sensitive than those in other parts of the body. Moreover, we cannot take any chances with mishaps during the removal process, as the face is the most visible part of us. You will end up being more uncomfortable about the mishap than how you felt with the unwanted hair. It is best to consult a professional for the best method.

Temporary Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

One of the most popular methods of upper lip hair removal is threading. Each hair is plucked out using a cotton thread. It is slightly painful and the results last for upto 2 weeks. You can use ice or cold water on the area to reduce pain and redness after threading. It is a less expensive method ($8) and needs to be done by a professional for the best effects. This is much better than plucking using tweezers, which is a temporary, emergency solution. Plucking does not leave the area completely smooth and it causes the hair to grow back unevenly.

Even though not highly recommended, some do use the evasive facial hair removing creams known as depilatories. The chemicals in the depilatories are said to cause allergic reactions and skin darkening. These will cause unsightly shadows on the face. Waxing is the quickest process to get rid of hair on the upper lip. It is simple and the results last for a long time (6-8 weeks). It would cost $5-$15 depending on the salon. You could also do it at home using the branded home wax kits or strips that cost $5-$15. They might come for 3-4 uses.

Long-Term Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

Laser and electrolysis are the best methods for upper lip hair removal. Even though they are more expensive and take longer than the above-mentioned methods, they give long-term to permanent results. As the upper lip is a small area, you will require only few sessions of laser or electrolysis. Thus, it will be relatively cheaper to remove hair using laser or electrolysis on the upper lips compared to other parts of the face or body. Laser for upper lip hair removal would need four to six sessions with each costing between $50 and $100. It might take four to ten hours for upper lip electrolysis with each half an hour session costing $60.