Upper Body Strength Exercises

Upper Body Strength Exercises

There are many ways but exercises are recommended to reduce your fat. If you will do exercises regularly then you will see reduction in the excess fat. It will work even faster if you will take healthy diet with this. It will help in increasing your metabolic rate and you will even have increased resistance power. Here in this article we are giving some upper body strength exercises and their method. They will really help you in strengthening your upper body and also help in bringing it in shape.

Chin Ups

In this workout, the targeted muscles are upper back, biceps, shoulders and abdominals. Now start doing it with using a close, reverse grip with your palms facing you. You have to start with your arms straight and retract shoulder blades. Then look up toward the bar and now drive elbows down towards your ribcage as you elevate chest to the bar. You get to the top squeeze your upper back muscles. Try raising your chest as close to the bar as possible and then slowly descend. Repeat it as many times as possible you can change it or modify it by placing a band or a partner’s hand under a knee for some support.

Bench Press

This type of exercise targets at chest, shoulders and triceps. It is the time to do it. Just lie on the bench with your feet flat on the floor. Hold a bar at a shoulder width position. To stabilize your shoulder, squeeze your upper back muscles.  For some more stability, keep your upper back muscles and gluteus tight to the bench. Now take a bar off the rack and then position it just above the chest, elbows locked out. Without touching slowly lower the bar to the chest. Forcefully, drive the bar straight back up and exhale.

Push Ups

This exercise targets on the shoulders, back, chest, bicep, triceps, lower back, abdominals, oblique and hip flexors. Now it is the time to know how to do it. Place your hands shoulder width apart with elbows facing back. Now elevate on to toes and tighten up abdominals, gluteus and hips. Look at the floor and then slowly lower your body down, now try to touch the floor with your nose. Exhale as you forcefully push back to the point from where you have started.

These three exercises are really great for developing a slim and athletic upper body posture with great fitness.  If you will do these exercises regularly you will surely ensure high level of strength and calories burn due to intense nature of each move of the exercise. Make these exercise a compulsory routine and grab all the benefits from this.