Methods Involved in Upper Arms Hair Removal

The best upper arms hair removal product or procedure is the one that suits your hair color, texture and skin type. What works for one may not work for the other. Moreover, what works on one part of the face or body may not work on another part. Usually, the upper arm is covered by fine, light hair or vellus. The rest of the hand is usually covered by dense, thick hair or terminal. Hence, two different methods or products are recommended for the upper arm and the rest of the hand.

While laser is widely popular long-term hair removal option for most parts of the body and face, for upper arms hair removal, laser is not recommended. This is because laser is not considered effective on light, fine hair – vellus. Moreover, induced hair growth is common on the upper arm when the hair has been removed using laser. Hence, other forms of hair removal such as shaving, depilatories, waxing and epilators are recommended for upper arms hair removal.

Upper Arms Hair Removal Tips

Removal of hair from the upper arms using depilatories is best done before the shower. The warm water during the shower can open up the pores and lead to irritation when you use the hair removal cream. It is also good to exfoliate the area before applying the cream. Test a small patch to check if you are allergic to the cream or not. Apply the cream on the areas where you have hair and wash (do not rub) the cream off after the required wait time. If you get satisfactory results, you can repeat the process again after 6 or 8 weeks.

Waxing is another hair removal method recommend for the upper arms. Shaving is also widely done to remove unwanted hair on the upper arms, but it leads to coarser and darker hair when it grows back.  For some, just bleaching the hair would work.

Laser may not be recommended, but you surely can try electrolysis for upper arms hair removal. It is a lengthy, expensive procedure spanning from 6-12 months depending on the equipment, technician and amount of hair to be removed. It would cost about $40 per session.