Unwanted Hair Growth

Unwanted Hair Growth

Introduction to Unwanted Hair Growth

There is nothing more irritating and disgusting than the unwanted hair growth on the different parts of the body such as arms, legs, face, neck. The problem have recently increased to a very higher rate and thus becoming a cause of worry for both men and women. Our society has turned into a phobic for unwanted hair growth on the body. People of today always keen on looking for an option for the removal of unwanted hair growth. This loathe of hair is no more restricted to women only; the men too wish to remove the hair from their chest and back. Thus the scenario can be summarised that there is a huge dislike for the unwanted hair growth and everyone would like to find an option for the removal of the same.

You will find it very ironic or awkward that people are very cautious about their hair loss from their head and on the other hand they are very deliberate about the removal of the hair on the other parts of the body. Whether you are man or woman, unwanted hair growth has become a matter of disgust for both of them and especially the hair on face as it is very hard to conceal the unwanted hair growth.

Treatment for Unwanted Hair Growth

At times unwanted hair growth becomes very unsightly and frustrating. The unwanted hair growth can be easily controlled and removed. You will find various treatment and techniques in order to get rid of unwanted hair growth. The removal can be easily done even at home; in the variety of methods available for the removal of unwanted hair growth range from temporary to permanent solutions.

Unwanted hair growth can be temporarily controlled by temporary hair removal methods like removal of hair using razors, trimming the hair growth using scissors, waxing, plucking hairs using threads or tweezers. Certain medicines and lotions are also available in the market which can reduce unwanted hair growth but they fail to stop the growth permanently. The medicines however have certain side effects and should be used only after consulting practicing hair specialists. Other solution is dissolving the hair using depilatory.  Dissolving the hair provides relief from unwanted hair growth and lasts more as compared to other temporary solutions since it destroys the hair under the skin surface also. Plucking and pulling last the longest since it pulls the hair from roots. However, temporary solution is good for short time and to get better results should be applied regularly.

There are few methods available to remove unwanted hair removal permanently but only electrolysis and laser treatment are proven and legal methods. Evidence shows that electrolysis and laser treatment once done properly removes unwanted hair growth permanently. Electrolysis involves connecting each hair strand with electric current and destroying the hair follicle. Electrolysis method to remove the unwanted hair growth is painful and a lengthy process. Laser treatment is less painful and takes few sessions for removal of unwanted hair growth. The laser is directed towards destroying hair follicle. Laser treatment removes only dark unwanted hair growth from light skin. It does not work on dark skin or light colour hair.