Hair Removal Treatment for Healthy Underarm

Hair Removal Treatment for Healthy Underarm

Underarms hair is one of the signs of hitting puberty, and the quest for underarms hair removal options starts right then. Next to facial hair, underarms hair is the most unwanted one in the body for many.  Underarms hair is considered unhygienic and unsightly, especially when you wear sleeveless clothes.  Hair in the armpit is thick, coarse and in different directions. Generally, it is recommended that you remove hair along its direction of growth. Hence, removing armpit hair can be a challenge. There are several products and methods available to remove unwanted hair from the armpit.

Underarms Hair Removal Products

The choice of product or method would depend on the money and time you are willing to spend, amount of pain you can handle, and how long the results need to last. Some of the popular underarms hair removal products are as follows.

Razors: You can get many disposable (Gillette Venus, Schick Quattro, BIC, etc.) and electric razors in the market.  Shaving is inexpensive, quick, painless, safe and easy to do at home. Razors cut off hair only at the skin’s surface. Hence, you can have smooth skin only for a day or two. Shaving is prone to ingrown hairs and sometimes cuts, which lead to infection.

Depilatories: Depilatories are hair removal creams, aerosols, gels, sprays and roll-ons.  Some popular brands are Nair, Veet, Surgi-Cream, etc. You need to apply these products to the unwanted hair. They will dissolve the hair at its root, and you just need to wipe them away. The results can last for upto a week. These can cause skin irritation in some and generally have a repulsive odor.

Wax: Waxing the underarms is little difficult to do by oneself. Some of the popular brands that offer DIY wax kits are Sally Hansen, Nad’s, Parissa, etc. You have to apply the wax (when it is hot) in a thin coat and quickly remove it with paper or cloth. The wax pulls the hair out from the root, while exfoliating the skin. It is a painful procedure, but the skin remains smooth and shiny for upto 8 weeks. 

Epilators: Epilators catch and pull the hair from its root using coiled springs or rubber rollers. On the underarms, using epilators can be very painful, but the results can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Some of the popular brands that offer epilators are Braun, Remington, Panasonic, and Epilady. Some offer special devices exclusively for use on the underarms.

Modern Underarms Hair Removal Method

The modern methods of hair removal are electrolysis and laser, which have to be done only by professionals. There are electrolysis devices available for hair removal at home, but it is still safe to do it with the assistance of a professional. Laser and electrolysis offer long-term and permanent hair removal, respectively. Laser would take 5 minutes to remove underarms hair and would cost about $60/session. Electrolysis would take 4 to 12 hours with a half hour session costing $60.