The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide 25 Simple Tips To Try Out Right Now

Looking Good is the key to feeling good. This adage is truer today than it was a decade or so ago as more persons become health consciousness and join the fitness bandwagon. Most of us do understand the need for regular exercise and balanced, regular meals along, but would be thrilled with a guide to not just lose weight, but keep it away.

Despite all the fad diets and trending exercise regimes making the rounds, we are always looking out for a shortcut to lose weight. So here are 25 simple tips for fat loss and can be broadly divided into Food-related and Exercise-related.

Food and Weight Loss

1. Breakfast

Do not miss your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and missing breakfast is a shortcut to gaining weight.

2. Packed Lunch

Always carry lunch to work. Home cooked meals are more nutritious and have lesser calories.

3. Early Dinner

Try having your dinner latest by 7:30 or 8:00 pm. This gives your body time to metabolize the meal and start on detoxification processes later on in the night.

4. Avoid Temptation

The best way to avoid temptation is to minimize the chances. Stock only good, healthy food and avoid having unhealthy food like chocolates and candies around.

5. Replace Dessert

Try homemade fruit yogurt or dry fruits like dates and raisins instead of traditional sweet dessert.

6. Fad Diets

Even though fad diets might help with sudden weight loss they are bad for health. Avoid them at all costs.

7. Processed Foods

Processed foods help in easy weight gain. They have no or minimal nutrients and contain sugar, salt and preservatives all of which are weight gain catalysts.

8. Food Journal

A pro-active step in weight loss, record what you eat in a food journal. Funny as it sounds, this will help you analyze where you are going wrong and how to take corrective measures. Make sure you record every little snack and mini-snack you eat for an accurate picture of your eating habits.

9. Fresh Food

Always eat fresh food and avoid leftovers as they have no nutritional value and only add to calorie intake.

10. Green Tea

A great anti-oxidant, green tea speeds up metabolism and suppresses hunger pangs. This makes green tea a great help in weight loss.

11. Alcohol

Simply stated alcohol consumption leads to weight gain. Once you are under the influence of alcohol, you tend to eat more without realizing it. Further, the snacks that are almost always consumed with alcohol are fried and greasy.

12. Healthy Snacks

Prefer healthy snacks like yogurt, carrots and fruits to avoid weight loss.

13. Homemade Junk Food Trap

Junk food contains calories even if cooked at home. Stay away from it altogether.

14. Visit a Dietician

A customized diet plan from a qualified dietician works wonders for weight loss.

15. Cheat Days

Give in to unhealthy demands, once in a while. This will help you stay focused and not only lose weight, but also sustain weight loss for a longer time period.

Exercise Routine to Stay Fit

16. Enjoyable Routine Exercise

Choose exercises that you enjoy and try to mix different exercises to keep you motivated to stick to your regime.

17. Fitness for You

Individual fitness routines like time, duration and intensity of exercises will vary. However, stay focused and regular for sustained weight loss.

18. Workout Gear

Indulging in workout clothes that look nice and make you feel good keeps you motivated to exercise regularly.

19. Have a Goal

Have a goal and work towards it to remain focused while exercising.

20. Regular Moderate Workout Vs. Intense Sporadic Workout

Regular exercises are better for sustained and consistent weight loss and a better choice than an occasional or sporadic intense workout.

21. Cardio and Weights

Cardio helps in weight loss and weight training helps in toning the body. Combine them to lose weight and look great.

22. Workout Timing

Select the time that suits you the best as each individual has a peak time when performance levels are at a high. This will ensure that you exercise regularly.

23. Workout Buddy

A buddy will help you to remain focused and motivated while exercising.

24. Small Tricks

Reward yourself when you achieve small goals. Buy a new outfit or try a new exercise regime. These small tricks, help motivate you to keep on exercising.

25. Realistic Goals

Keep weight loss goals realistic and achievable. Unrealistic goals are de-motivating and you may stop exercising.

Sustained and consistent weight loss requires regular efforts and does not happen overnight. The key to a healthy and fit body is regular exercise and correct food habits. By making both a part of your daily routine, you can enjoy a healthy life.