Types of Yoga Mudra

If you've ever been to a yoga class, you've most certainly been taught a Mudra, which is generally a hand posture. A Mudra is used in combination with a yoga posture and you can contort your hand and fingers in a number of ways.

Types of Yoga Mudra

Hakini Mudra

  • Sit down in meditating position with both hands in front and the fingers touching the tips. 

  • Place the fingertips of both hands together. 

  • Look upwards and clasp the tip of tongue to the gums while inhaling. 

  • Drop the tongue while exhaling and take a deep breath. This improves memory.

Asthma Mudra

These yoga Mudras are best for respiratory disorders.

  • Bring the little finger at the root of the thumb, the ring finger on the thumb joint and the middle finger on the top soft part of the thumb. 

  • The index finger should be left extended. 

  • This mudra is performed along with the Asthma Mudra, which is also conducted using both hands. 

  • Press along the fingernails of the middle fingers while leaving the other fingers extended. 

Pran Mudra

  • The Pran Mudra stimulates the root chakra and enhances vitality. 

  • Draw the tips of the thumb, little finger and ring finger along leaving the index finger and the middle finger extended.

Linga Mudra

This yoga Mudra enhances the immune system, loosens the mucous accumulated in the lungs and help reducing weight.

  • Bring both hands together and clutch your fingers. 

  • Leave one thumb vertical encircled by the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Keep both hands in between the chest. 

  • Practice this Mudra three times a day for fifteen minutes.

Apan Mudra

This Yoga Mudra enables discard the toxins from the body. It also balances the mind and assists develop inner balance and confidence. 

  • Draw the thumb, ring and middle fingers together leaving the index finger and little finger erected. 

  • This can be performed forty-five minutes or three times a day for fifteen minutes.

Shankh Mudra 

This Yoga Mudra is good for throat problems. 

  • Encircle the left thumb using the four fingers of the right hand. 

  • Touch the right thumb to the erected middle finger to the erected middle finger of the left hand. 

  • This Mudra of the two hands appears to be a conch shell. 

  • Bring the hands in front of your breastbone and chant Om. This can be repeated thrice every day for fifteen minutes.

Surabhi Mudra

It is effective against rheumatism.

  • Allow the little finger of the left hand touch the ring finger of the right hand and the little finger of the right hand touch the ring finger of the left hand. 

  • Allow the middle fingers of both hands touch the index fingers of the other hand leaving the thumbs extended.

Vayu Mudra

This Yoga Mudra helps in eliminating flatulence.

  • Bend the index finger of both the hands and touch the base of the thumb. 

  • Now apply light pressure on the thumb against the index finger leaving the other three fingers extended and relaxed.

Shunya Mudra

This Yoga Mudra is good for hearing disorders and should be performed thrice a day for fifteen minutes. 

  • Bend the middle finger and touch the base of the thumb. 

  • Now slightly put pressure using the thumb on the middle finger. Leave other fingers extended. 

  • Repeat this using both hands.

Prithvi Mudra

This Mudra stimulates the root chakra, which retains our vital energy or elemental force. 

  • Place the tip of the thumb on top of the ring finger applying a mild pressure. 

  • Leave the other three fingers relaxed and extended. 

  • This can be exchanged with both hands thrice for about fifteen minutes every day.

Varuna Mudra

This Mudra is good to cut down excess mucous collected in the stomach or lungs. 

  • Bend the last finger of your right hand until the tip reaches the ball of the right thumb. 

  • Now put the thumb of the right hand on it. 

  • Now press the little finger and thumb with the left thumb and allow the left hand gently encircle the right hand from below, encompassing the back of the right palm.

Bhudi Mudra

The Bhudi Mudra assists maintaining the fluid balance in the body.

  • Place the tip of the thumb on the little finger and leave the other fingers relaxed and extended. 

  • Do this by exchanging hands. 

  • This can be done thrice a day for fifteen minutes.

Apan Vayu Mudra

This Mudra is also a lifesaver in case of heart arrests. 

  • Bring the index finger at the base of the thumb and the tips of the middle finger and ring finger to join the thumb. 

  • Leave the little finger relaxed.

  • Perform this using both the hands. 

  • Practice this Mudra thrice a day for fifteen minutes.

Back Mudra

This is an excellent Mudra relieving backache. 

  • Touch the thumb, middle finger and last finger of the right hand and relax the index finger and ring finger. 

  • In the left hand let the nail of the index finger touch the thumb joint.

  • Perform this four times per day for almost four minutes.

Kubera Mudra

  • This Mudra is associated with the god of wealth and also relieves the congestion of the frontal sinuses. 

  • Press the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger along. 

  • Now, bent the rest of two fingers and relax them in the middle of the hand. 

Kundalini Mudra

The Kundalini Mudra stimulates sexual force. 

  • Form a loose fist using both the hands. 

  • Place the left first finger into the right fist from bottom rest it on the pad of the right thumb. 

  • The remaining fingers of the right hand will cover the finger from above.

  • Hold this Mudra at a lowest possible place in front of the stomach. 

  • Perform this thrice a day for fifteen minutes.