Types of Pregnancy

Types of Pregnancy vary from a woman to woman. It is very important for the woman to know about all types of pregnancy. Not every type is a normal pregnancy some may be complicated while some may endanger some kind of threat to her life thus she needs to know about each and every types of pregnancy. 

Types of Pregnancy

The types of pregnancy are divided into six and they are Ectopic, lupus, New, Sound, twin and teen Pregnancy. 

The descriptions of all are as follows:

Ectopic Pregnancy

This type of pregnancy occurs when the foetus is formed in any other part of the body other than uterus. The medical study has not yet given any kind of specific reason why this type of pregnancy occurs. The result of such type of pregnancy is inevitable and it either leads to miscarriage or the death of the mother. If the medical attention given to mother is delayed in any way then the repercussions is very dangerous. Symptoms for such type of pregnancy are abdominal pain, dizziness and low blood pressure. All this will happen in the first few weeks’ of pregnancy and it need to be cured immediately after its discovery. 

Lupus Pregnancy

In all types of pregnancy, Lupus pregnancy is the most dangerous one. Lupus is a kind of disease related t immunity that affects a pregnant woman. It may lead to miscarriage or abnormal birth. If a woman suffers from miscarriage and no reason is as such found then she should immediately consult a gynaecologist before trying for a second pregnancy or conceiving again. Under the supervision & guidance of medical professionals and proper treatment, she can become a mother but she has to be extra careful and be very sure that the hospital she has chosen for her delivery must have an emergency neo-natal unit. In this type of pregnancy the woman as well as her spouse both has to be very careful and the doctors also need to be on an alert position at the time of her delivery. 

New Pregnancy

A new sensation is felt by her in her body. She feels a lot of changes happening everyday in her and everyday brings in new joy and challenge in her life. In the early stage of pregnancy she may undergo some kind of problems such as morning sickness, nausea, vomiting tendency, fatigue and lethargy. As the time passes and as her pregnancy progresses she may feel some more changes such as frequent urination and back aches. All these problems and difficulties will not bother her much as a great happiness is coming on her door step. A feeling that she is going to give birth makes her courageous to go through this entire problem. 

Second Pregnancy

In this type of pregnancy the mother is already experienced and has passes through all the symptoms. Thus, the intensity will be very low during her second pregnancy. But this does not mean that things will be easy for her. Things may get complicated as the child that is insider her womb needs care. Therefore the responsibilities will be double for her as well as for her spouse. Above all these issues her second pregnancy will be more enjoyable than her first pregnancy as now she is able to understand all the changes that her body is undergoing. With more responsibilities and more enjoyment the second pregnancy is also a type of pregnancy that makes the mother feel very good. 

Twin Pregnancy

The woman who undergoes this type of pregnancy is considered to be very lucky. As she only has to undergo nine months of labour instead of eighteen months for two babies. Earlier Twin pregnancy was common only with the woman who has a family history of twin but now a days due to fertility treatment many woman are able to conceive multiple pregnancy. Twin pregnancy is a risky affair and thus the woman needs special care and attention during her pregnancy as she is carrying two foetuses. In most of cases the babies are born prematurely with a low birth weight. Thus, in this type of pregnancy the woman needs regular checkups and a healthy care. 

Teen Pregnancy

In this type of pregnancy the woman’s body is not completely ready for pregnancy. She is considered to be too young when talking in terms of biologically and emotionally to be a mother. Such type of pregnancy should be avoided. But with the recent changes in the modern society also the changes on the woman’s body and the life style of active youngster’s teen pregnancy is very common these days. A teen mother gives birth to an undernourished baby and at times abandons the baby or neglects the child due to the problems of domestic and society life. Therefore, it is very necessary for everyone to educate their teens with sex education and availability of contraception so that this type of pregnancy can be reduced.