Tubectomy Advantages and Disadvantages

Tubectomy Advantages and Disadvantages

Tubectomy or tubal ligation (also termed as having one's "tubes tied" (ligation)) is a type of surgery for sterilization in which the fallopian tubes of a woman are blocked method which inhibits eggs from accessing the uterus for fertilization. Tubal ligation is acknowledged as a permanent way of birth control and sterilization.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Tubectomy Surgery

In Micro-laparoscopy small endoscopes of tiny diameter (5 to 7 mm) are involved using which suprapubic incisions is made. This surgery is the result of improved technology in light transmission and fiber optic bundles.

The advantages that are most common in tubectomy specifically Laparoscopic (the most popular type of tubectomy) includes:

  • Small incisions
  • Easy and fast access to the fallopian tubes
  • Recovery is speedy 

However the difference is so nominal that it could never get very popular despite being available for almost 20 years.

Disadvantages of Tubectomy

There are a few complications which are very common after tubectomy surgery. These disadvantages include:

  • Uterus may get puncture often
  • Laceration of the cervix
  • Fallopian tube also may get perforated
  • Perforation of major vessels
  • Cardiac arrhythmias because of CO2 

Side Effects of Tubectomy

It has rarely happened that any women have become pregnant after tubal ligation. According to estimation nearly 1 in 200 women have had pregnancy chance after their tubes are blocked. This may be the result of an incomplete closure of the tubes.

Side effects can also be divided into two parts – side effects due to anesthesia and side effects due to surgery.

Side-effects due to Anesthesia are rare and it may include:

  • Reactions to anesthetic drugs
  • Difficulty in breathing

Side Effects of Surgery are also very nominal, however these include -

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Harm caused to the bladder
  • Puncture (perforation) of the uterus
  • Laceration (tear) of the cervix
  • Hole in fallopian tube
  • Perforation of prominent vessels
  • Cardiac arrhythmias because of CO2
  • If pregnancy occurs after the surgery, it could be an ectopic pregnancy in which the pregnancy grows in the fallopian tubes.

Side Effects Of A Tubectomy

Reactions to anaesthetic drugs: This is one of the significant reactions of a tubectomy because of anesthesia. Continuous upon the level of allergic responses of the individual towards any sedative pills, the seriousness of responses may vary.

Bleeding:  It is an obstacle of tubectomy. Accidental gaps during the surgery may effect in bleeding. Post-operative precaution is also main process to keep the patient recover fast, without encrustation any impediments like bleeding.

Breathing difficulties: Breathing trouble is one of the normal reactions of a tubectomy. The significant explanation behind this is the response of the individual towards the analgesic medications utilized for the surgery. It is paramount to report in the event that you have known hypersensitivity.

Infections: Infection is one of the significant symptoms of a tubectomy. If you understand illness or abdominal pain, it is very significant to report about it proximately to your specialist. Early diagnosis is critical in control infections.

Perforation of major vessels: Perforation of significant vessels may happen throughout the surgical methodology. It may be interconnected to injury of the adjoining blood vessels of the surgery site. It may prompt to massive hemorrhage and sepsis.

Abdominal pain: Abdominal pain is commonly not directly interconnected to the surgical technique. It may emerge due to diseases, which may happen as reactions of a tubectomy. Abdominal pain will normally be absorbed on the minor portion.

Perforation of Fallopian tube: This is because of unintentional tearing of Fallopian tube throughout the surgical strategy.  This can prompt to hemorrhaged, which is one of the symptoms of a tubectomy. Report if you familiarity with abdominal ache or fever later the surgery.

Ectopic pregnancy: There will be a very less chance to get the pregnancy after tubectomy. But, if it happens, commonly ectopic pregnancy will be the effect. Ectopic pregnancy is a genuine life-undermining condition if not diagnosed in time.