Tubal Sterilization Precautions

Precautions Before Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation should be only undertaken when you are sure about your decision and understand the effects of this surgery.

  • You should inform about the medicines, any kind of vitamin supplement or herbal remedy, anything you are taking to your doctor.

  • You should also indicate about any allergies if you face under any medical condition.

  • Don’t forget to arrange for transportation back to home. 


Precautions After Tubal Ligation

After the procedure your vital organs will be monitored during your stay in the hospital. You may be swollen, crampy and noticing vaginal bleeding or discharge. Majority of woman are able to resume their normal activity within 2 or 3 days. 

Self-care post tubal ligation should include:

     •          Incisions must be cleaned, dried and covered.
     •          Bathing or soaking in a tub is restricted until the incisions are healed.
     •          Avoid strenuous activities for 3 weeks.
     •          Don’t indulge in sex for 7 days.

Tubal Ligation Recovery

After a tubal ligation, you will be carried to a recovery room where your healthcare team will keep a watch on you till the anesthesia effect ends.

  • You may have a catheter attached to your bladder. You may also experience some pain in their vagina or abdomen after laparoscopic surgery. Your healthcare professional may administer drugs to help you. Some sort of shivering or sick feeling may occur from the anesthesia.

  • If spinal anesthesia was facilitated, your lower body may feel paralyzed and you may not be able to move the lower part for some hours. The feeling in your abdomen and legs will gradually resume.

  • When returning to home your surgeon will go over any symptoms that need medical attention, like fever or consistent or increasing abdominal pain. You will be administered pain relieving medicine to help check any pain you might feel.

  • After your tubal ligation, you will be feeling fatigue and want to sleep and take rest. However, the following day you should be able to leave the bed and move around. Many patients can even go to work the day after their tubal ligation, and others may be prepared in two to three days; however, every individual’s recuperation process and period differs.

  • In any case, you must not take part in any kind of strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for a couple of days.

  • You should see your doctor for a follow-up visit nearly two weeks after laproscopic surgery.