Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

Tubal pregnancy is also popularly known as Ectopic pregnancy. It is a dangerous pregnancy that can terminate the ability of a woman to have further pregnancies also it may terminate her life. It is a very uncommon pregnancy in which the fertilized egg is unable to travel from fallopian tube to uterus. It implants itself outside the uterus in some other parts of the body such as abdominal cavity, cervix or fallopian tube. Proper treatment is required immediately after the detection of tubal pregnancy symptoms.

Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common symptoms of Tubal pregnancy are:

  • The first tubal pregnancy symptoms is a severe pain on one side of the stomach

  • During pregnancy if you suffer from shoulder pain while inhaling or exhaling it is said to be another tubal pregnancy symptom

  • While passing urine if you experience some pain or unusual burning sensation it is also a symptom for tubal pregnancy

  • The other tubal pregnancy symptoms are pale complexion, diarrhea, collapse, sickness, low blood pressure and an increase in the pulse rate. 

These are some common symptoms of tubal pregnancy. The chance of having tubal pregnancy is high if you suffer from irregular periods and have an abnormal vaginal discharge. 

If you find any of the above symptoms then you should immediately consult a doctor. With the passage of time tubal pregnancy will become more serious. Some other tubal pregnancy symptoms may also be seen such as Vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain that increases as time passes and also lower back pain gets more severe. 

Some other tubal pregnancy symptoms may also be taken under consideration. While these signs or symptoms of tubal pregnancy are similar to those of normal pregnancy. These signs or symptoms consist of tiredness, breast tenderness, a missed menstrual period and morning sickness. Because of these common symptoms it becomes very difficult to diagnose tubal pregnancy at the beginning itself. Beside these common symptoms if you find any other symptoms such as stomach pain or bleeding then you should immediately consult your doctor so that they will resolve if these symptoms are tubal pregnancy symptoms or not. They will do a small test such as ultrasound or blood test and will get the result soon. There is a huge risk in future pregnancy if you have tubal pregnancy earlier and your health may deteriorate.   

The reasons are unknown in the case of tubal pregnancy as to why it occurs and what is the remedy of the same?  The problem with the fallopian tube is common but it can also be due to the intrauterine contraceptive devices, pelvic infection and endometriosis. The tubal pregnancy symptom is also associated with some hormonal drugs that cause damage to the fertility system of the woman such as contraceptive hormonal medication, fertility drugs, abdominal surgeries, smoking and drinking.