Tree Pose Vrksasana


If you intend to strengthen your legs and achieve excellent leg balance, then the yoga tree pose is the best yoga posture for you to Practise. The tree pose or "Vrksasana" as it is known in Sanskrit is one of the most famous and relaxing poses within yoga. Tree pose or "Vrksasana" is a standing yoga posture which strengthens your legs and helps you balance your body. 

How to Practice Tree Pose Vrksasana

You should follow the below mentioned steps to Practice tree pose or "Vrksasana":

  1. Start the tree pose or "Vrksasana" with a standing posture and relax the body.
  2. Straighten your back in a vertical position 
  3. While in a straight standing position, bring your ankles together.
  4. With your ankles together, spread the top of your feet from each other. Spread only as much as possible and do not stress your legs.
  5. Turn your quadriceps in so that your hips are wide.
  6. Once you have in this position, take a deep breath to make your stomach firm.
  7. Distribute your body weight equally on both of your legs evenly.
  8. Slowly, begin to balance your body on one of your legs (lets start with the right leg) and lift the other leg (the left leg) bending it at the knee joint.
  9. Put the bottom of your left foot on your right thigh. Make sure to not to rest the foot on the right knee. Putting it on the knee instead of thigh may result in excess pressure on the knee joint and can cause unnecessary pain.
  10. Now, lean on your right leg with your left and try to maintain the balance. Make sure to maintain a straight hip position. ( do not lean much so as to cause imbalance. The least you want is an injury while practicing yoga).
  11. 1While in this position, take a deep breath and lift your arms up and put your hands together in a prayer position (folded palms) over your head. The arms should not be vertically lifted but should be bent at the joints. (The folded hands together should look like a rhombus).
  12. Once in this position, exhale and slowly bring down your hands (maintaining the prayer position) in front of your chest. 
  13. Try to hold this position for a minute.
  14. Once you are done with all the points till number 13 repeat the process with the other leg (the left leg).

However, it is important to note the following points

  1. Use a mat or soft surface to Practise the tree pose or "Vrksasana" to avoid any injury in case you lose you balance.
  2. If you are facing difficulty to maintain the balance then have something nearby to hold on to.
  3. In case you are facing difficulty to straighten up yourself, then have a mirror or something to look at.
  4. Do not stretch yourself and cause stress on any body part. Yoga is done to relieve stress and not to cause stress. Take only pain that you can easily endure.

Benefits of Tree Pose or "Vrksasana"

Tree pose or "Vrksasana" is a yoga posture to teach you balance and to strengthen your legs. Though it requires Practise but when mastered it gives you a sense of confidence and mental peace. It gives you a medium to release your stress. It helps to strengthen your thighs and knee joints. Tree pose or "Vrksasana" also strengthens your stomach and digestion system.  It also helps you to strengthen and straighten your spine and hips. With deep breathing process it helps to generate efficient energy level in your body and channelizing the energy to your heart and lungs.