Transplantation of Tissue to Repair a Defect

Transplantation of tissue includes that of the cornea and skin. This form of transplantation is also known as skin grafting. It is very commonly used for treating burn victims. Transplantation of tissue is also known as “flaps”. The first formally recorded tissue transplant was successfully carried out in 1823 in Germany.

Transplantation of tissue involves surgical removal of tissue along with muscle, fat, skin, bone and nerves and implanting it on another part of the body of the same person or another person. This kind of transplantation is also popularly used in cosmetic surgery. This technique is used for breast reconstruction in cases of women who have had their breasts removed (mastectomy) due to breast cancer. There are four types of transplantation of tissue:

  • Local Flaps: Creates a perfect match from the same area of the damaged tissue.
  • Regional Flaps: Tissue is taken from a location nearby
  • Free Flap: Tissue comes from an entirely different part of the body.
  • Composite Tissue Transplantation: Tissue is donated from another individual