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Toxoplasma (B58.0+)

About Toxoplasma:

Toxoplasma is a parasitic disease which is mainly happens because of the attack of the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. This kind of parasitic attack happens in mostly warm-blooded animals and therefore humans can be also attacked by this disease. However, the primary host of this disease is cat.

According to reports, now one third of the world's human population has a Toxoplasma infection and it is counting. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, generally seroprevalence is confirmed with many specimens in the United States which indicated that the seroprevalence infection was found 10.8% among women of childbearing age.

The first days of the initial infection of the disease occurs with the sign of a mild flu-like illness or no illness. Although there are very less symptoms of this disease if it occurs on a healthy person but if the disease infects those whose immune system is not in the normal position, like, AIDS affected or pregnant women; the disease turns very severe soon. The infection of the disease can attack the heart, liver, inner ears, and eyes.

Symptoms of Toxoplasma:

The most common symptoms of this disease are influenza, swollen lymph nodes, or muscle aches and pains which give trouble for many days. If the disease attacks a healthy person and his/her immune system is good, then the symptoms occur in the eyes to decrease its vision.

Children usually get infected with placental transmission and nasal malformations. At the initial infection, swelling may occur at different times with various formations. Most of the times, the infection enters a suppressed phase for which bradyzoites to form cysts in nervous and muscle tissue.

Some of the most important symptoms are skin lesions, roseola, erythema multiforme-like eruptions, prurigo-like nodules, urticaria, and maculopapular lesions.

Treatment of Toxoplasma:

The treatment of the disease will turn very crucial because if the immune system of the infected person is not working well, then doctors have to perform some of the crucial measure for treating this disease.

Doctors usually prescribe pyrimethamine process which is an antimalarial medication. There is another useful medication available now which is called as sulfadiazine. This is an antibiotic usage which is combined with pyrimethamine to treat toxoplasma.

However, doctors provide the combination therapy which is generally to get folinic acid supplements and it also decreases the incidence of thrombocytopaenia.

There are some other important treatment therapies available. However, doctors will properly examine the immune system of the patient and then they will prescribe related medication for the same.

Causes of Toxoplasma:

Toxoplasma is generally caused in minors but if it occurs on the fetus then serious or even fatal effects can occur. This disease is caused naturally due to eating infected meat. The main transmitter of the disease is cat. However, organ transplantation also can be the cause of the disease.

Toxoplasma Types:

Toxoplasmosis and Toxoplasma gondii are the same type of Toxoplasma disease.