Top No-Sweat Workouts for Your Lunch Break

Workouts for most of the average people are very time taking with workdays filled with meetings and deadlines. So one who is regularly skipping the gymnasium can look out for these simple exercise moves which can be done during the short lunch breaks. These are no sweat exercises which can be crammed into ones busy office time schedule.

The top ten of these exercises are as follows:

Push ups

The simplest of exercises using only one’s body weight .This exercise can be done anywhere during the lunch break. One must start with a basic push up routine and get himself to do a certain number of pushups.


Kettlebells workouts with lighter weights can be very effective in burning calories. But one must make sure not to overdo it as it might cause sweating.


Core muscles which help in our stability and posture are usually neglected. One must make it a point to develop the core muscles using some of the basic core exercises.


Some yogic postures and meditation may be tried during the lunch breaks. These are simple postures which stretches the body and also calms the mind.

Pilates Moves

Pilates moves can be tried out during the lunch breaks. These moves when practiced with consistency builds strength in the muscles. It also helps in improving the flexibility and develops the immune system of the body.

Light Weight

Light Weights ranging from 5 to 10 pounds may be used for intense exercises during the lunch break. However one must make it a point not to do the exercise for more than 10 minutes.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are very fine option for office work outs. Flutter kicks, woodchoppers, squats, and bicep curl are some of the moves which can be easily tried out by the beginners.

Static Sculpt

Static Sculpt is an isometric exercise which helps in building the resistance of the body. It helps in strengthening of the ligaments and tendons. Static lunge, wall sit or even some plank exercises are some of the few other isometric exercises which can be tried out inside the office premises.

Foam Roller Exercises

Some yogic postures as well as some strength exercises can be done with the help of foam rollers. These are very simple no sweat exercises mainly for neck, back and shoulders muscles.

Balance Exercises

This is a very easy to do exercise which can be done using the desk or the chair in the office. Balancing on one leg while resting the hand on the desk provides the body with better stabilization and balance.