Top 3 Yoga Postures for a Flat and Sculpted Abdomen

Current stressed lifestyle, sedentary work habits , lack of exercise are just a few reasons which manifests itself as excess flab in our body. The craze of junk foods, the stress filled environment which encourages binge-eating are some unconsciously developed habits which makes us gain those ugly pounds without realizing. This culminates in a swollen body and its focal point, the belly bulge. Medical science states that stomach and the thighs are the first places for the fat deposition to take place. Doctors attribute belly flab as a key culprit for some major risk diseases like heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, diabetes etc.

To armor yourself against all these risks and to get your beautifully sculpted body back, it’s vital to shed that extra flab from your belly and the entire body. The key is to remember that there is no magic wand for it. A well balance diet with the right exercise executed in a disciplined manner will give you the desired results. For all those who find the idea of sweating, yoga is an excellent option to resort to. Yoga exercises are all about stretching and breathing which helps you improve posture and flexibility. Yoga for flat stomach is especially effective as it is abundant with core strengthening moves. Yoga poses not only makes the abdomen muscles work in perfect rhythm with the spine but also forces the oblique, hip flexors and even glutes to help you carve a strong and sexy midsection. Given below are some terrific poses of yoga for flat stomach


NAUKASANA / Boat Yoga Pose

It is one of the best pose of yoga for flat stomach. Here the entire body takes the shape of a boat. Performing this exercise daily for about 3-5 times not only facilitates belly fat loss but also strengthens and regulates the functions of the liver, lungs and the pancreas; strengthens abdominal muscles; improves the blood circulation and maintains blood sugar levels, strengthens  major muscle groups of thighs, neck, hip and shoulder and enhances the function of kidney, thyroid and prostate glands.

To perform the exercise, lie in the supine position on the yoga mat and relax completely with legs stretched out, toes pointing to the ceiling and palms resting on either side, facing the ground. Now inhale slowly and while exhaling, lift the head, chest and the legs slowly from the ground, keeping them straight. The arms should be stretched such that they form a parallel line with the legs. A 45 degree angle should be ideally maintained and held for maximum 30 seconds which can be increased in advanced levels. Starting position is re-attained with slow breathing.

This pose is not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from blood pressure, hip joint pain, arthritis, migraine and severe headache or hernia and ulcer patients unless otherwise advised.

USHTRASANA / Camel Yoga Pose

A counter pose to Naukasana, the backward stretch of this pose releases the accumulated by the belly muscles while performing Naukasana. The stretch pose of the body assuming the shape of camel makes it a great yoga for flat stomach. The exercise is especially beneficial for back problems neck and shoulder pains, improving the blood circulation and enhancing the function of the respiratory, endocrine and nervous system. It stimulates the abdomen organs and cures any Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha.

To assume the pose, bend backwards after sitting on knees. Next hold each heel with respective side hand and bend the neck and head backwards as much as possible by pushing waist area slightly forward..Hold this position and breathe normally for about 6 to 10 seconds before returning to initial pose and releasing the hold on heels. Initially it can be done 5 times and later, up to 30 times. A15 second relaxation period between each repetition is highly recommended.

This pose is not recommended for pregnant women, person suffering from any neck, knee or back injury, people with back pain, pressure and migraine issues or those troubles with insomnia.


Not only is this an excellent yoga for flat stomach,  But also highly effective in curing any stomach and digestive disorder, obesity and numerous stomach related issues since it stimulates all stomach organs, regulates their functionality and facilitates removal of unwanted toxins from the body. It has proven benefits in bringing relief and cure for reproductive system ailments like erectile dysfunction; respiratory diseases like asthma, sinus, allergies etc. Regulating the function of kidneys, it treats many kidney ailments and lowers down the high creatinine level. This yoga pose attributed to cure breast cancer as well.

The exercise is best performed by sitting on the yoga mat on the floor with legs folded, spine straight and eyes closed. Both the right and the left palm are placed on respective knees. A deep breath is then taken and exhaled with as much force as possible such that the stomach goes inside. The exhalation is normally accompanied with a hissing sound. Here no stress is laid on inhaling and is done automatically after each exhale. The steps can be initially repeated for 3 to 5 minutes and gradually increased to 30-45 minutes. Ensure that the speed of practice is on the slower side with no undue stress.

Heart patients, pregnant woman and people with high blood pressure should perform this exercise only after the consent of the doctor and under an expert yoga instructor’s guidance. This Yoga breathing exercise has seven variations which can be gradually learned and practiced under an expert guidance. Each variation is a fantastic and highly effective yoga for flat stomach.


Apart from the above yoga poses, Setubandhasana, plank, side-plank, Veerbhadrasana, Surya Namaskaar, Ardha Halasana, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana etc are great yoga poses for flat stomach and overall weight loss. But any yoga poses should only be executed after a detailed medical checkup and the doctor’s consent of its eligibility regarding your condition.

Moreover it is highly recommended to perform it under expert guidance so that proper techniques and execution is learned. Ensuring all ground rules are followed, you can simply breeze through yoga for flat stomach and a sculpted figure which would be the envy of all.